2014 Town Hall Information

All meetings will begin at 7:00 pm.

January 29 –Springfield - 1630 12th St Springfield, OR  97477-2601. 
 (Pathfinder fundraiser supper offered.)


January 30 –Grants Pass - 1360 NE 9th St Grants Pass, OR  97526-1324.
 (Pathfinder fundraiser supper offered.) 


February 11 –Bend - 21610 NE Butler Market Rd Bend, OR  97701-9752
 **(No supper provided)**


February 12 –Vancouver - 9711 NE St Johns Rd Vancouver, WA  98665-9682.
 (Pathfinder fundraiser supper offered.) 


February 13 –Sunnyside - 10501 SE Market St Portland, OR  97216-2951
 **(No supper provided)**


We here at Conference headquarters enjoy receiving input from our members and so we look forward to these town hall meetings to gain your insight!
Our plan for this year's meetings is to spend a short time in sharing general trends within our conference and then spend the bulk of the time in small group settings addressing a variety of topics. Each of our departments will be leading discussions on different areas within the 18 points raised at the constituency session.

For example:
•   The youth department will be meeting with youth and young adults to discuss ways of reaching their friends as well as discussing attitudes towards leadership and mentorship opportunities for young adults

•   Member Ministries will be asking for input in inspiring members in ministry, as well as a discussion on supporting local leaders and pastors in developing a culture of volunteerism. There will be other areas such as Bible Worker support, training approaches, women’s ministry discussions, evangelism.

•   Children’s Ministries will be discussing with the children present, as well as leaders, ways of empowering their outreach to friends, their involvement in church, and Sabbath School revival.

•   Ministerial will be gaining input into revitalizing our Sabbath Schools, and reaching our goal of 5000 new disciples within the next four years. Also, discussions will look at Spanish, as well as multi-lingual opportunities, within the conference

•   Education will be addressing the goal of “1000 in 5” and asking for input into ways of funding tuition, marketing our schools, connecting with local churches, and communities.

•   Communications will be discussing the opportunities and directions for media ministry in our conference.

This is an opportunity for your members to give direction to and share insights with the conference departments and the conference as a whole.
Along with the town hall meetings, Springfield, Grants Pass, and Vancouver Pathfinder groups are planning a fundraiser for their trip to Oshkosh this summer. Springfield, Grants Pass, and Vancouver venues will have a Pathfinder club providing a meal, from haystacks to burger bars. Those areas where the Pathfinders are providing a meal please ask your members to come and support their energetic Pathfinders as they raise funds for this summer!  
**Bend and Sunnyside locations will not be providing supper.**


Here are a few ways you can help share these upcoming events with your fellow members...

A bulletin insert/flyer (download)

• An announcement slide (download) – 4x3 slide or 16x9 slide

• A text announcment for inclusion in bulletins (announcement webpage)