A Christmas Baptism
By Dick Duerksen

There was a baptism at the Hood View Seventh-day Adventist church last Sabbath. A very big man, with an even bigger story.

Kevin Signalness has spent several years in the Oregon prison system, most recently on a return visit to the Columbia River Correctional Institute near the Portland Airport.

“When I learned that I was being assigned to the CRCI again,” Kevin says, “I jumped with excitement because I knew I would be able to study the Bible my friends Henry and Patty.”

Kevin first met Henry and Patty Geppert five years ago when they invited him to join them for their Prison Ministries Bible Study.

“I went to the Bible Study just to have something to do,” Kevin remembers, “and it was good, so I stayed.”

“Actually, Kevin was one of our best Bible Students,” says Henry. “He came, was really interested, and became a good friend.”

After serving his time, Kevin was released and lost track of the Gepperts. Then, he purchased a stolen van and was sent back to prison. God made sure he was assigned for a year in CRCI, where he could continue his Bible Studies with Henry and Patty.

Kevin’s release date was November 5, 2018, and he’s been coming to church with the Gepperts ever since.

“We’ve been holding Bible Studies in the prison for eleven years now,” Henry and Patty Geppert say. “It’s the most rewarding ministry you can imagine. Kevin is the 15th of our inmates who have been baptized! This is a ministry everybody ought to be doing!”