Did You Know?

By Al Reimche

…that over 352 new members in ministry have joined the church in the Oregon Conference through baptism and profession of faith so far this year? That includes youth, young adults, seniors, families and children. In fact, did you hear about the students at the secular campuses throughout our conference that are making life-changing decisions to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives? 

…that since the first of the year, over 50 evangelistic series have been held throughout our conference with over 78 churches involved? Some have been traditional series running for a month or more, some have been held on university campuses, some have been focused on specific books of the Bible, but throughout all has been a call to connect with Jesus and commit lives to Him. 

…that a group of young adults made a huge impact at one of our state universities in support for victims of sexual abuse? They were able to share the healing ministry of Jesus with individuals who had experienced the pain of rape. (See page 3 for more on this story.) 

…that of the 2346 students in our Adventist Kindergarten to 12 grade schools this year, 150 graduated? These young leaders are stretching their wings in jobs and continuing their education but still need the support of their church families as they leave our schools. 

…that Portland Adventist Medical Center was recently ranked first among 28 hospitals in Oregon for patient safety and care by the Oregon Health Authority. The ministry that takes place on the grounds of the hospital continues to have an impact on patients as they demonstrate the healing ministry of Jesus. 

…that we more than double the population of Gladstone during our camp meeting each year? Or that Gladstone was once known as Robin’s Nest, Oregon? Just think Robin’s Nest Camp Meeting! This year with the speakers and seminars that are planned you will want to be here to add to that population explosion. 

…that a team of our pastors and members from 13 churches have banded together to hold a fall evangelistic series in southern Oregon? Trainings for Bible studies have been held, and plans for a parallel series for children are being developed. In fact, the children’s series is to be made available throughout the North American Division (NAD). 

…that Big Lake Youth Camp offers a free hostel for campers hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)? In fact, many of the YouTube videos about hiking the PCT talk positively about the ministry of Big Lake. Right now construction is taking place for a permanent place for campers to stop and shower and rest. 

…that Jesus is coming soon? I hope that isn’t a surprise, but rather a reminder that even with the trauma of the tragedies we seem to face regularly, Jesus is soon to break through the skies.