Executive Committee Outcome

On Thursday February 25, 2010 the Oregon Conference Executive Committee voted a balanced budget for 2010.With a $2,680,000 deficit the committee had their work cut out for them as they worked together to come up with cost reductions and savings to balance the budget for 2010.

Here are some of the major changes.A 5% reduction in salaries for all pastors and office personnel, this will become effective March 1. The school teachers' contracts will reflect this reduction the first of July. This will not be applied to local church and school supported employees. Two of our three academies have also agreed to this salary reduction and we are waiting to hear the decision of the third academy.

There have been close to $450,000 in FTE reductions, and except for reducing one of the pastoral positions from full-time to half-time, this savings has been implemented at the conference office by restructuring departments. We will continue to look at finding additional FTE savings but plan to do this through retirements and transfers rather than having to lose any pastors.

Speaker Services was voted upon and will be discontinued. For our multi-church districts this has been a real support. Speaker Services handled the arrangements of speakers to churches. After examining the costs, however, it was voted to cancel the travel support for this service and to no longer handle the arrangement of speakers. We will continue to provide a list of approved speakers through the ministerial department. Of course, the directors and administrative officers will still be available for speaking engagements.

The committee also voted to reduce capital funds sent to Walla Walla University resulting in a savings of $245,000.

Executive Committee has taken action to pursue cost cutting measures at higher levels of the churches organizational structure.

Many of you are already aware of the decision made in regards to Gladstone Camp Meeting this year. Gladstone Camp Meeting will be funded outside of our budget this year. A very consistent response heard at all town halls was members asking how they could support the financial challenges we are facing. The committee has voted to only have Camp Meeting this year if $250,000 is pledged by March 20, 2010. We are asking for pledges instead of cash so that the pledges could be cancelled if we do not receive the $250,000 requested. We need your pledge toward supporting the 2010 Gladstone Camp Meeting.  Just submit your written pledges to your local church. Please use an offering envelope for your confidential pledge. Your local church treasurer will collect these pledges and submit the total to the Oregon Conference.

The annual Pastor's Conference held at Twin Rocks has been canceled this fall.

We are excited to announce that our tithe figures from January 2010 were equal to those of the January 2009. Not only did we equal last years tithe but above and beyond this we received a couple of exceptional tithe gifts for January and February. We feel humbled and thrilled that these blessings have come at this time.

These are difficult times but God is good and He is the one guiding us through. Again, thank you for your prayers and support.

Oregon Conference Administration


Did You Know...

...if 250 people gave $1,000 we would reach $250,000?

...if 500 people gave $500 we would reach $250,000?

...if 1000 people gave $250 we would reach $250,000?

...if 17,500 people gave $14.29 we would reach $250,000?

...if 35,000 people gave $7.15 we would reach $250,000?

Even if just 17,500 people, that's HALF of the Oregon Conference's member base gave just $14.29 we would be able to reach our Camp Meeting goal!

Think About It. Pray About It.

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