Executive Committee Report
By Al Reimche

As I write this, I am able to look out over a once-busy plaza and parking lot filled with people attending the camp meeting on what now is quiet, tents are gone, people have left to go back to their homes. But even as recent as last night I heard mention of the impact camp meeting has had on our lives. The “woo-hoo’s” are not as loud, but the echos of camp meeting still reverberate through our conference. The gospels cry out that we are loved and the ultimate gift ever given is ours to keep and ours to share.

One of the questions that has been asked a number of times following camp meeting is, “What were the results of the offering for evangelism?” To date we have received over $80,000 which though shy of our $100,000 goal, is still a miracle. This represents over 2 ••• times our previous year’s donations to evangelism and is allowing us to move ahead with decisions and evangelistic programs that could not have happened without these gifts.

At camp meeting we talked about the possibilities of beginning a literature ministry program this next summer from the funds raised. I am excited to tell you that Jeff Kimmel, who shared his summer experiences with us Sabbath morning, has accepted our offer of employment and will be joining us this fall to begin preparations for a strong Magabook program next summer. He will also be looking for ways of strengthening Bible work throughout our conference.

Our executive committee met this past week and though the agenda was quite light we still spent time addressing decisions that needed to be made concerning finances and personnel. The financial budget and statements were shared and voted. In summary, our tithe continues to hold consistently with 2011 tithe figures and at the current time our expenses are slightly below the previous year. We have also begun to look at the assumptions that will go into the budgeting process for 2013. Even with some projected increases in expenses and a static tithe, we are still blessed by the tithes and offerings our members continue to give. We are also praying that God will guide in the budgeting decisions that need to be made.

Another decision that was made this executive committee was to continue to pursue hiring a marketing and development director for Oregon Conference schools and the education endowment funds. Though not yet named, this individual would be tasked with strengthening endowment funds which are used to reduce the cost of Christian education throughout our conference and also assist our schools in intentionally sharing the blessings of our Christ-centered, Adventist school system.

At each executive committee meeting there is a report shared by one of our departments. Tracy Wood spoke to us about the youth department and especially about the programs at camp meeting this year. His observation was that something different happened at each of the divisions he was responsible for. There was an intensity, a desire to be in the meetings and not just stand on the periphery, an increased interest in spiritual things. The young adult leadership was instrumental in developing, a video that summarized their thinking “Ignition,” Tracy also described how the leaders in each division viewed the programing this year not just as a one-time, unrelated event but rather as a catalyst for youth and young adult plans for this next year.

God is moving in powerful ways and those include all of us from young to old. He has plans to finish His work and bring us home.

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