Executive Committe Notes

This past week our executive committee for the Oregon Conference met to address the directions and decisions that face us. One of the first concerns on the committee agenda was a report from treasury. We were able to report two very positive blessings from God. First, our tithe which has been running below last year has been steadily climbing closer to the previous year’s totals. At the current time we are showing a decrease of around 3.5% from last year. Once adjustments were made for some exceptional gifts that came early in the previous year, our tithe actually showed an increase over the previous year. Second, our expenses year-to-date are running under what had been budgeted for. Even with the 3.5% decrease in tithe, we ended this report in the positive column due to the reduced expenses. For these blessings we praise God.

Our education department has been working diligently these past few months to hire and place a number of educators. Over 14 new teachers were voted into the employ of the conference at this meeting. This only covers a part of the work done as an additional 10 teachers moved within the conference and over 26 left because of retirement or transfers to other teaching positions or in some cases reductions in staffing due to reduced student enrollment projections. We also affirmed John Gatchet for the 8 years he has served as Vice President for Education in our conference. Wayne Wentland has agreed to postpone his retirement for a year and will be stepping into the role as VP for Education for the 2011-2012 school year.

Personnel Committee shared a report with us that included a couple of changes. The Idaho Conference, which has been looking for a Vice President for Treasury for a number of months, finally made the decision to ask John Rogers, our Under Treasurer, to function in that role. That left an additional vacancy in treasury which we needed to fill. Brian Gosney, a Certified Public Accountant who has been serving as our head auditor while Dale Beaulieu has been filling the position of VP for Finance. Brian comes with experience both in running his own accounting business as well as serving for a period as treasurer for Portland Adventist Academy. The executive committee, after looking at his qualifications, has asked Brian to serve as Under Treasurer for our conference. We believe he will be a positive contributor to our treasury team.

This last January we shared with each Town Hall Meeting that we would be looking towards a wellness program for our employees. During this executive committee our Human Resources department presented the outline of a program that will be rolled out in July for all our full-time employees. We will be working with Donald Hall’s organization, Wellsource, in creating a program with incentives that will aid in improving and/or maintaining the health of our employees throughout our conference. God has gifted us with a beautiful message of whole-person wellness which we often forget because of the busyness this life seems to demand. Our hope is that as we not only share the good news of Jesus’ soon return, we will also be able to share by example the good news of His desire that we be in health even as our spiritual lives are in health.

Finally, as we said to our executive committee members and I pass on to you, “We will see you at Camp Meeting.”

- Al Reimche, Oregon Conference President