God Knows Best

Did you know... every 14 seconds a child dies of a waterborne illness? Take a moment to let that statistic sink in.

When Bob and Karen Tait, Rockwood church members active in ministry, went to Africa last year the needs overwhelmed them. “I couldn't give enough money, or clothes, or food to supply their needs. I have so much and they have so little,” says Bob. “But we delivered two hundred WAPIs that our church’s youth group had assembled to the bush people and our fellow believers in Livingston. When we returned I thought about what the trip meant to me. Then I broke my leg and God threw this project into my lap while I was recovering.”

So what is a WAPI? WAPI is short for Water Pasteurization Indicator. The short answer is that it's a reusable thermometer. It lets the user know when their water is safe to drink through a heat process that kills bacteria. Pasteurization temperature is 149 degrees fahrenheit. A bit of wax in the WAPI (placed inside a pot of water) melts at 160 degrees fahrenheit indicating that the water is safe for drinking.

After Bob broke his leg he needed a useful way to spend his time. “I found the parts to make WAPIs,” he recalls. “They were relatively inexpensive, about 42¢ apiece. But being frugal I looked for a less expensive way to produce them. The less I spent in production, the more money I’d have to ship them. I found some charitable vendors—one company even donated 55 pounds of the special wax. Our cost is now around 30¢ per unit. So while God healed me of a broken leg, He also used me to help others.”

To date they have sent over 2,500 units to places like Thailand, India, the Himalayas, and Africa.

This is a volunteer project, started by a couple of everyday Adventist church members who have dedicated themselves to God’s service in ministry. They are not, however, alone in this ministry.

“Through the efforts and compassion of other volunteers,” says Bob, “we can give an on-going gift of life. It’s a wonderful experience to assemble these units as a group of friends. If your youth group or mission-minded organization is going anywhere to share God's love, these are great outreach gifts!”

If anyone is interested in learning more on how to build this life-saving device please contact Bob at niteowl12@hotmail.com, or 503-810-8643. He will be happy to help you in your efforts to make a difference.