God Still Performs Miracles
by Marta Davis

God still performs miracles today! This can be seen clearly in the 23-year history of Better Life Broadcasting. For instance, for 10 long years we prayed that we’d be able to broadcast into Portland, Oregon. At first this seemed like an impossible dream because initial research indicated this would cost a minimum of $4 million.

Then in 2010, we unexpectedly received a call from a Christian who told us he had a television station for sale in Portland – not for $4 million, but for only $750,000. Amazingly, before the phone call was over, he reduced the price to $700,000, as a broker would not be required to complete the transaction.

As we began fund-raising the seller called again and said, “I want to be part of what God is doing in Portland, so we would like to donate $100,000 back to you!" This second price reduction made the effective cost of the station only $600,000. What a miracle! But that wasn’t the only miracle we saw for the Portland station. While touring some broadcast tower sites in Portland, the engineer showing us around said, “While cleaning out the warehouse, we found a TV broadcasting antenna. It’s 10 years old, still in the crate and has never been used, and it happens to be tuned to channel 36, your exact channel number! [Antennas are built specifically for the channel number it will broadcast.] We don’t need it and were planning to sell it for scrap.”

The seller purchased this $20,000 antenna for only $500 then donated it to Better Life. Looking back we realized this antenna had been purchased 10 years before—at the same time we had started praying for a Portland station. God had reserved it just for us!

And God still wasn’t done working miracles. The Portland station had the ability to reach south down into Salem as well. However, at that time there was another broadcaster transmitting on channel 36 in Salem. When we looked into it further, we found that this station was soon going to switch to digital and its channel number would change, allowing us to broadcast into Salem. Praise the Lord!

As wonderful as these miracles are, even more amazing is how many people are coming to the truth by watching Better Life. We hear from people weekly who are being touched by the ministry. One church alone has baptized 232 people in the past 12 years because of the ministry of Better Life. Surely God is moving mightily to finish His work!