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Grants Pass Haiti Relief Team
The team, led by local cardiologist, Brad Personius, MD, includes
Gloria Wilson, RN, Celso Esquivil, painting contractor, and Oliver Personius.

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Haiti Bulletin Inserts

January 30 & February 6, 2010 Haiti Offering Bulletin Insert (PDF 557kb) 
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Haiti News 

Updated 2-23-10  12:30pm

 Quotes taken from the New Yourk Times article - "Missionaries Go to Haiti, Followed by Scrutiny"
Read the full article here.

"In Carrefour, a bustling suburb of Port-au-Prince, the capital, the Church of the Seventh-day Adventists, which has worked in Haiti since 1904, runs a hospital, a wastewater purification plant, a bakery, a radio station and a bookbinder. Even before the earthquake, the church was considered to have far more of a presence in Haiti than the government."

“Missionaries have always participated in the process of alleviating pain in this country,” said Patrick Delatour, a top government official." 

"In the case of the Adventists in Carrefour, more than 2,000 children attend a cluster of Adventist schools — primary through university level — that sit on a sprawling campus of palm trees and tidy white buildings perched on a hilltop."

“Even before the earthquake, this was a city of its own,” said Michel Toutian, a resident, 36, as he entered a huge tent city set up by the Adventists. “And the Adventists are the mayor, police, everything.”


Updated 2-23-10  11:47am

Diseases Threaten IDP Camps in Haiti - Read More


Updated 2-3-10  2:47pm

The recently returned Haiti Disaster Relief team from Grants Pass, will present a live roundtable report on Saturday evening, 7:00 pm at the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1360 NE Ninth Street, Grants Pass.

 The team, led by local cardiologist, Brad Personius, MD, includes Gloria Wilson, RN, Celso Esquivil, painting contractor, and Oliver Personius.


Updated 2-3-10  2:34pm

The SDA Hospital in Haiti (on the outskirts of Port a Prince) was visited last week by both the American and French ambassadors. A French medical group is providing triage at the hospital and working alongside the medical and surgical teams from Loma Linda University and Parkridge Adventist Hospital. The ambassadors lauded the work being done, and the American ambassador offered personal assistance.

As a result, the US Army brought in a large consignment of bottled water and MREs. Even more important, the US Army Corp of Engineers came in and did a site assessment. (Though the hospital appeared to be completely intact, there had been considerable concern that the structure in placed might no longer be structurally sound, in the case of another earthquake.)

The hospital passed the structural inspection with flying colors!

Loma Linda University is spearheading a long term committment to provide key assistance, equipment and staffing for a number of months for this hospital. There will be teams of providers coming in every 7 days. The LLU Medical School class of 2010 has been supporting the hospital for the past several years, and will be involved as well. Florida Adventist Hospital is also providing logistical support. ADRA of course is deeply involved in provided aid to the people there.

There has been terrible suffering and devastation in Haiti. I personally mourn with the people there. I am so thankful that we are there as a church to continue Christ's ministry of healing. If any of you are interested, you can follow daily news on the following blog:

Mark Hynum


Updated 2-3-10  2:15am

Check out the "Ten Facts About Claiming Donations Made to Haiti". This is info directly on the IRS web site.


Updated 2-3-10  11:55am

Check out the Grants Pass Daily Courier article on Feb. 1, 2010 titled "Local doctor overwhelmed by all of the misery in Haiti"


Updated 2-2-10  10:30am

Grants Pass Team returns from Haiti read more at the Mail Tribune

Updated 2-1-10  11:25am

Our Rogue Valley group consisting of Brad Personius- Cardiologist, Celso Esquivel-Contractor, Gloria Wilson - Nurse and Oliver Personius - Student, arrived home late last night from their trip to Haiti. They have much to tell and some pictures to share.

They are still re-acclimating to having everything so available (water, food, shelter) once again. 

Sincerely, George Personius

Updated 1-29-10  8:45am

 With the special offering for Haiti Relief (SDA) coming up on February 6, some churches may wish to put up a link to give online on their websites. The link is below and is now operational. Individuals may print out a receipt.

Updated 1-25-10  3:30pm


Here is a clip of the story that ran on Brad Personius and his group that wen to Haiti on Channel 12  See "Grants Pass Doctor travels to Haiti for medical mission.

Updated 1-25-10  3:15pm

Updates on ADRA's Response to Deadly Earthquake in Haiti
On January 12, a 7.0‐magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, killing an estimated 200,000 people, and affecting approximately 3 million people. ADRA responded immediately to the disaster, committing $1 million in aid to support the immediate needs of survivors. Since then, ADRA has expanded its response, to provide emergency aid for even more of those affected by this devastating disaster. Our updates are listed below.

As of January 22, 2010:

  • Starting this Sabbath, go online to, and listen to a message on ADRA's ongoing response in Haiti given by ADRA president Charles Sandefur, who is on the ground in Port‐au‐Prince to support the relief efforts there.
  • ADRA is staging relief operations at the Haitian Adventist University, located on the outskirts of Port‐au‐Prince, where up to 30,000 survivors have set up temporary shelter.
  • ADRA is providing medical assistance and supplies, conducting water purification and distributing emergency non‐food items.
  • ADRA has distributed 13,000 emergency food rations, and will continue to provide ongoing food supplies for survivors.
  • ADRA has already installed three new water points in the affected region, and plans to add 20 more.
  • ADRA is building latrines to provide sanitation for up to 30,000 survivors.
  • Currently, ADRA's primary concerns are providing clean drinking water, sanitation, and medical assistance for displaced survivors. 
To learn more about ADRA's ongoing response to the earthquake in Haiti, visit us at

ADRA can be reached online at

ADRA International
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Updated 1-25-10  3:00pm

Recieved update by phone from my husband Celso Esquivel and Dr Personius. Their group is now camping in a guarded home of a wealthy buisness man in Port-au-Prince. There are 30 volunteers in their group and they were the first medical crew to arrive at that site. They were able to help around 100 patients in one day. They feel overwelmed because there are so many wounded. Most type of injuries that they are dealing with are head traumas, fractures, burns and massive infections. The most critical are being transferred to the airport field hospital where they have surgeons on site. Most of those patients are needing amputations. They are running low on antibiotics but they sometimes swap supplies with other medical crews. They were able to find tables to use from a school that collapsed. They had to go into the building not knowing what was holding it up, needless to say they got out of there very quickly. There are bodies of children still buried under the rubble and the smell of decay is overwhelming. Through all this, they don't regret going, the only regret is that they wish they could do more. This was about all that they could say for now. They ask that we keep them and the people of Haiti in our prayers. 

Sincerely,  George Personius

Updated 1-22-10  10:36am

Good morning,

We got another email last night about what's going on with our group in Port-au-Prince.

The Rogue Valley group (Brad Personius, Oliver Personius, Gloria Wilson, Celso Esquivel, Jordan Personius + 4 other individuals from other geographical locations) arrived at the Adventist Development & Relief  headquarters yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) in Port-au-Prince, their hospital was amply staffed so the ADRA director referred to another contact. The group spent yesterday afternoon trying to connect with the other International Help & Relief group that is two days ahead of our group. While attempting to meet up with this IHR group they were unable to locate them before it got dark. Our group was able to locate the United Nations headquarters and decided to see if they had made any sort of connection with the other IHR group. To make a long story short, and through many prayers, the UN invited our Rogue Valley group along with 5 others directly onto the Port-au-Prince airport to help set up and staff 4 hospitals! They are right in the middle of the chaos and trauma but, “We are sleeping on cots in a giant tent with a large group of medical staff from the university of Miami!  We are fully secured by the UN military, and they are supplying us with meals!”

So they are safe and God is putting them where He wants them. Thank you all for your prayers!

George Personius

Here is a clip of the story that ran on Brad Personius and his group on Channel 12. Click Here.

Updated 1-21-10  10:07am

Resources For People Dealing With Relief to Victims of Trauma - Such as The Haitie Earthquake

Updated 1-21-10  9:10am

The following entries are from a group of recent Union College International Rescue and Relief graduates that have started an organization called International Hope and Rescue. To learn more about them you can visit The following posts are from their Facebook page. Just search "International Hope and Rescue". God is really creating miracles for this group.

 January 20, 2010#4Thank you for your prayers! God has continued to work in mighty ways! Team 1 landed in Haiti on the 17th and God provided them with a secure compound to work from. They have been doing search and rescue work as well as helping distribute supplies, including a large quantity of food. God has truly provided for their safety because the team has said there are literally mobs of people demanding food outside their door. A main component of Team 1’s mission has also been to provide spiritual relief. God is using them in amazing ways to minister to those hurting and show His love. Yesterday, a demon possessed man entered the compound to steal tools. Two team members approached the man with Bibles and prayer and the man fought himself out of the compound without anyone touching him. There have also been many opportunities for physical rescue. Yesterday they were called to a house where a little girl was buried but still breathing. They were the first team to arrive and by divine intervention, a search and rescue member from a different organization came on scene and called for help, bringing around 30 more to assist. They were successful in getting the little girl out. God has provided for our needs above and beyond what we thought possible. Just this morning a team member was scouting out an area and met a local millionaire who offered his home and use of heavy rescue equipment to the team. This was a huge answer to prayer as they need this equipment to move debris and continue the rescue effort. The team has also increased in size as local men and women of faith have joined their efforts. Team 2 has been deployed and arrived in the Dominican Republic January 19. They are now working with the UN at the Port-au-Prince airport to help set up and staff 4 hospitals. Please continue to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our teams. Thank you! 

January 20, 2010 • #3
"There were actually two riots we were in yesterday. Fist fights, shoving, yelling, pushing, and gunshots. And all we are trying to do is provide food and meds. And the two young boys we rescued from the deep, well like hole had been in there since the earthquake. I couldn't believe that but it's true.
And this morning at 6am we had a 6.2 earthquake that rolled the truck so much I thought I was being attacked by street punks, there was so much screaming and noise.

We were called to a shack were we foind a woman with a broken back. It is heartbreaking that she will not get the care needed to survive. There is no hospital here that can spend that much on one person. Triage is sometimes tough. But it's the injured babies that really tear you up.

I was talking with one Haitian who had an interesting thought, especially since we feel so incompetent so often. He said that our presence here was so benneticial because it shows people care and are willing to help. Our presence here gives hope. Maybe we are the big pacebo of life. Remembering that placebos are very efficient, almost as good as real meds. We gave the woman with the broken back a half dozen vicodens. Not going to fix the back, but maybe alittle comfort.Please keep us in your prayers. This place is not only a disaster, but a war zone." 

January 20, 2010 • #2
We received a recorded phone call (thanks Josh E and Chris Kinney) from our team (1) leader and the President of IHR. I sit here still shaking and wiping the tears from my eyes. GOD IS HEARING US! Our team has been working in Haiti now for five days running on roughly 2 hours of sleep a night. Brock knew that the team would have to leave the compound soon. It was becoming unsafe. He began to see the team pull away from one another that day at work. Last night he thought of all these things and so much more, gave it all to God and fell fast asleep with peace of mind. He woke to our brother Richard who was glowing with excitement. He just happened to meet a man who invited the team to come to his home and stay. The team went to the house. It was a mansion! It sits in the trees and has flowers! The place looks like nothing they had seen there. What a blessed relief. Brock said he knows that this team will be faced with needing incident stress management, but God understands on a completely different level. Little did Brock know that we had been in prayer all day and made calls trying to line up CISM support for their return. God understands what they need and when they need it. They had all they could handle and our Lord provided comfort, beauty, and safety. They slept, or are sleeping. We have also been praying for equipment to move rubble. The owner of the home has the equipment but no one to run it! Praise God! I am so humbled by what God has allowed me to witness these last two weeks. Receive courage in your life to trust in God with all that you are. With faith you will find success.

"There is nothing to fear. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." -Isaiah 41:10 

January 20, 2010 • #1
This update comes via a message from Chris Parsons and bits and pieces pulled from Tom Parsons and a phone call from Brock.

"Not as organized as I would like but things are getting better. I think we will remain safe if we stay away from food and water distribution. Which it looks like that is going to happen. Switching over to medical hopefully. There are times of piece which is good. The earth quake was crazy .No worries! We do not sleep iinside. Tell talia I wish she could buy me some tacobell! The letters she sent out have spread everywhere and money is pouring in. Tell grammie and uncle jeff dad has already saved lives and has been very important to this group. We should be very proud of him! Also I love them and we are safe.If money is available a man has requested two tents 4 persons each. Dad says we will be at the border tomorrow." - Chris

"Levi bought a 6 man tent this morning and more medical supplies to take with them. They left Santo Domingo today at 3 and hope to be at the border by 8:30 or 9:30 tonight.

The Director of Dominican-Haitian Chamber of Commerce is traveling with Levi to Haiti. They are carrying more water, a tent and more medical supplies. All are important items for the people there" - To

UPDATE ON TOM/LEVI: I spoke to them round about one hour ago and they were close to Jimani. They're going to spend the night there and early tomorrow will be crossing over to Haiti. They confirmed contact with Tom and agreed on a meeting point on the border from which they will travel together. Everything is ok. JUAN/NAOMI

Updated 1-20-10  12:03pm

Kelli Personius, Jordan's wife, and communications laison for Loma Linda received a couple of emails and texts from the group early this morning and they are safe. She is hoping to get a call from them later today when they actually get to Port-au-Prince. First of all, if any of you have heard about a helicopter going down with Union IRR students going down, THIS IS A RUMOR! It's not true... Below is an email I got from one of the guys in the group.

So we are driving to the border of haiti in a rental van and we had not been able to contact ADRA in over a day, our plans were too get to the border and go from there....we prayed for guidance about 2 hours ago since we didn't really know what we were going to do...within 15 minutes of reaching the border an adra van came up behind us on the road and stopped us...out steps Chuck Sandefur the president of ADRA, and Israel the local president....they told us they knew we were coming and we are now following them to the Adventist hospital.

God has really been blessing them...So this is the latest, and I'll get out more later.

George Personius


Updated 1-20-10  11:05am

Good morning,

Our local Rogue Valley team of 4 (Brad Personius -Cardiologist of Cardiology Consultants, Goria Wilson - RVMC Rehab Nurse, Brad's son Oliver Personius & Celso Esquivel - Grants Pass Contractor were joined by 5 others in Fort Lauderdale yesterday (1 doctor, 1 nurses, & 3 EMT's). The team of nine landed safely in Santo Domingo yesterday afternoon and have been in contact. All their baggage came through and everything is accounted for. This team has been very blessed. They stayed at the Seventh-day Adventist Union offices in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for the night for safety precautions. They were told it's too dangerous to travel at night. Early this morning they are hiring a truck and driver to take them to the Adventist hospital in Port-au-Prince. Keep them in your prayers....they will be in the center of the city where help is most needed. They have been in contact with ADRA (Adventist Development & Relief Agency) and are now getting help through them. I'll let you know more as I learn more. Thanks to each and every one of you for your prayers and support!

George Personius

Updated 1-20-10  10:40am

Check out some pictures from Oakwood University’s NAPS at



Updated 1-20-10  10:17am

An Adventist Review article...     Adventists Move in Haiti Earthquake Relief...

Updated 1-20-10  9:30am

ACS has initiated and developed a Crisis Care MinistryCurrently, Dr. Steve Willsey, ACS Crisis Care Coordinator of Mid-East, is scheduled to host a meeting/training for pastors and lay-leaders in Northeastern and Greater New York Conferences.

Find out more about Crisis Care Ministry

For resources, you may consider:

  • Barnes, M. F (1997). "Understanding the secondary traumatic stress of parents". In C. R. Figley (Ed). Burnout in Families: The Systemic Costs of Caring, pp., 75-90. Boca Raton: CRC Press.
  • Beaton, R. D. and Murphy, S. A. (1995). "Working with people in crisis: Research implications". In C. R. Figley (Ed.), Compassion fatigue: Coping with secondary traumatic stress disorder in those who treat the traumatized, 51-81. NY: Brunner/Mazel.
  • Figley, C. R. (Ed.) (1995). Compassion fatigue: Coping with secondary traumatic stress disorder in those who treat the traumatized. NY: Brunner/Mazel.
  • Kinnick, Katherine N.; Krugman, Dean M.; and Cameron, Glen T. (1996). "Compassion fatigue: Communication and burnout toward social problems." Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 73:3, 687-707.
  • Kottler, J. A. (1992). Compassionate Therapy: Working with Difficult Clients. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • Joinson, C. (1992). "Coping with compassion fatigue". In Nursing, 22:4, 116-122.


Updated 1-20-10  9:08am

Haiti: How to be a Good Samaritan
by Monte Sahlin

Haiti is the poorest nation in the American hemisphere. This is the largest earthquake disaster in this hempishere in more than a century. The Catholic archbishop of Haiti was killed in the earthquake and the president of Haiti is sleeping in his limousine because the Haitian White House was destroyed. If you ever felt like doing something for "the least of these," now is the time!

But, how can you get money there most effectively and quickly? I had many, many emails, phone calls and text messages yesterday and overnight asking me about this.

The answer is simple, but you may not like it.

The large, established international relief agencies will do the best job both in terms of speed, low-overhead and effective on-the-ground operations. I served for a number of years as the chairman of the inter-agency umbrella group VOAD [Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster] and for two years on the board of FEMA. I know the protocols and have personal friends among the key players.

You will hear lots of small organizations and individuals talking down the large organizations and urging you to give to hundreds of groups that all suddenly appear after a major disaster. Don't be fooled. They're playing to the prejudice that many Americans have against large bureaucracies. But (big but) in times like these the small groups will actually spend a much higher percentage of the funds on transportation to Haiti, shipping costs, etc., while they tell you they have "no overhead." They will be slower to get there because the jam-up at the airport is controlled by governments, the military and the UN. Governments and the UN know the big players and their capabilities, so first priority will be given to those.

Is ADRA one of the big players or a little fish? It is one of the 15 largest agencies on the globe. It has excellent credentials. It has a better rating from independent evaluators than does World Vision, for example. ADRA had an office and team in Haiti before the earthquake hit and they began to respond to the need within minutes. ADRA has backup supplies around the Caribbean and "back door" routes into Haiti. ADRA has a very large global network that is mobilizing supplies and money from throughout the developed nations.

There is no better place to give your money than ADRA. It will leverage your dollar with five to ten matching dollars. It will get supplies there as quickly as the fastest responders. Most important, not only will it play a key role in the immediate response, it will stay around for months and years after CNN has forgotten Haiti and continue with the rebuild effort.
Adventists, I believe, have a special duty to give to ADRA and not other organizations, because others will not support it as readily as we do. We are "it" for ADRA.

There are evaluation agencies out there with excellent information (such as Charity Navigator  ). Check those web sites before you give. Give intelligently. A lot of money is wasted in every disaster response, largely because of people making bad choices without adequate information.

If you have church members with a sudden urge to go to Haiti, calm them down. Unless they are part of one of the established response organizations and have been through the necessary training, they will simply get in the way and waste precious water, food, lodging and medical supplies. Encourage them to use their time and energy to raise money to support the guys on the front lines.

Updated 1-20-10  9:08am

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is requesting physicians of specific specialities

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is requesting physicians of specific specialities to deploy with the National Disaster Medical Assistance teams to Haiti. The need is for trauma surgeons, orthopedists, anesthesiologists, and others with experience in treating crush injuries. Volunteers must be able to serve for at least 2 weeks, and be willing to live and work in spartan conditions.

Preference will be given to physicians who are Creole or French speakers, and to those currently credentialed through the Medical Reserve Corps in their home state, or the ESAR-VHP program (Emergency Services Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Personnel).

These volunteers will need to be credentialed as temporary federal employees and will need to be able to provide credentialing paperwork as soon as asked. Credentialing normally takes about a week. Volunteers with these clinical skills should contact Michala Koch at Not everyone who wishes to help will necessarily be deployed, and those without the requisite skills may not receive a direct response.

For medical professionals wishing to help in this way in future relief efforts, please take a few minutes to learn about the Medical Reserve Corps, identify your local unit, and register to become part of the corps. To do so, visit This is the channel through which medical volunteers are deployed immediately following an event, and only those registered beforehand are likely to be deployed.

Updated 1-20-10  8:37am

A Haiti Adventist Church banding together. See the FOX news video.


Updated 1-19-10  3:30pm

Local Haiti Relief Group Traveled throughout the Night and will arrive in Dominican Republic at 5 pm today 1/19/10.

Local Cardiologist, Brad Personius ( of Cardiology Consultants PC), his son Oliver Personius (Grants Pass), Grants pass Contractor Celso Esquivel, nurse Gloria Wilson – Gold Hill arrived in Ft. Lauderdale Florida early this morning (Tues). This group of 4 local folks met up with a group of 2 other physicians, 3 EMT’s & 2 nurses coming from various places in the US. They will be leaving this afternoon and will be arriving at approximately 5:00 p.m. in the Dominican Republic today. They then believe they will traveling with armed personnel to Port-au-Prince to bring relief to overworked staff in a ADRA Adventist inflatable hospital or as a number two choice at a secured army/navy portable hospital in Port-a-Prince. If the situation is too unstable, the group may be re-routed to Jamani, Dominican Republic to bring relief to a make-shift hospital near the border of Haiti.

The group is traveling with over 600 lbs. of durable/disposable medical supplies, medications and pharmaceuticals that were donated from Asante Rogue Valley and Three Rivers inpatient pharmacy. Local Allegiant air personnel accepted all medical supplies and waived baggage fees to assist this humanitarian effort.

Before their departure the three local men continued to hear of the overwhelming need for medical assistance. In the Medford airport yesterday, the three men spoke seriously of the anticipated chaos and life-changing experience they were about to embark on.

Chief Executive officer Win Howard along with Roy Vinyard Asante Chief Executive officer coordinated with Mr. Brian Murphy director of Material management to supply the group from Asante’s Warehouse.

Dr. Tom Turek Vice President of medical affairs coordinated cardiology coverage for Dr. Personius

Photo: Pictured from left to right -  Dr. Brad Personius, Oliver Personius, Celso Esquivel, Jordan Personius. Also pictured is all the donated medical supplies traveling with them. 


Updated 1-19-10  3:25pm

Adventist News Network (ANN) is on twitter


Updated 1-19-10  3:23pm

Follow Adventist News Network (ANN) on the earthquake help in Haiti


Updated 1-19-10  3:15pm

Local doctor from Grants Pass Oregon is going to help in Haiti. Read more at the Daily Courier.


Updated 1-19-10  11:45am

Loma Linda Univertisy responds to earthquake in Haiti. Read more at

Updated 1-15-10  10:35am

It is heartwarming to receive the many responses to the tragedy in Haiti. The center of the earthquake struck in the area that houses our church, church headquarters, hospital and school. Many are still looking for relatives while others are mourning the lost. I have just finished a conference call with NAD ACS Disaster Response, ADRA, and the conferences in InterAmerica Division. Help is being asked for in the following ways:

  • Send cash Donations to ADRA at or turn them in at church marked ADRA-Haiti. ADRA needs $1 million in the next five weeks to adequately respond.
  • Register to volunteer at Only medical personnel and those trained specifically in Disaster Response will be considered at this early stage of recovery.
  • Register to volunteer through ADRA at At this time ADRA is still trying to gain access to the country and are not sure where their workers are that live in Haiti. ADRA will hire local citizens as far as possible to help with the relief efforts.
  • DO NOT collect things to send to Haiti. All the borders are closed and the port and airport are not accepting anything.

Watch for further updates on the Oregon Conference website at and Face Book which can also be found on the OC website. We will continue to keep you informed as much as we can. At this time there are no plans to send a team to Haiti from the conference. That may come in a few months or another year.

Thank you so much for your prayers and concern at this time,
Rhonda Whitney, Director
Community Outreach (Disaster Response), Oregon Conference


Updated 1-14-10  5:10pm


NPUC president, Max Torkelsen, is urging Northwest members and churches to help fund relief efforts in the aftermath of the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake on January 12, affecting much of Haiti’s capital.  The Red Cross has estimated a projected death toll of at least 50,000, with an additional three million people hurt or homeless.

While accurate information is understandably slow in coming, Larry Evans, General Conference undersecretary, says the Adventist Church has 1000 churches in the area, with about 330,000 members. Preliminary reports show two of the largest Adventist churches, which housed five congregations, were destroyed. The nearby Adventist university sustained significant damage but portions of the campus are still being used to stage relief efforts. The Adventist hospital in Port-au-Prince is functional and already serving as a clinical center.

Inter-American Division president, Israel Leito, and NAD president, Don Schneider, encourage NAD Adventists to help with funding, but advise strongly against well-meaning but counter-productive trips to Haiti to volunteer on-site help.

ADRA hopes to raise $500,000 within the next seven days to help with their onsite efforts. Follow ADRA updates at  or donate directly to the relief efforts online at Haiti Earthquake Response Fund .

NPUC churches which collect special ADRA relief offerings, should have members designate this on tithe envelopes as “ADRA-Haiti.” Haiti ADRA Earthquake Relief church bulletin insert masters are available for downloading HERE .

However, AN IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Since no ADRA funds can be used to specifically target the special needs of Adventist churches, schools and members, NAD and NPUC churches will be mobilizing additional offerings in the coming weeks to directly help the church rebuild its mission and the lives of its members. Those offerings should be designated on tithe envelopes as “Haiti Disaster Relief.”  Updated info will be posted at GLEANERONLINE  when available.

“Haiti is one America’s closest neighbors, and certainly fits Christ’s description of ‘one of the least of these,’” says Torkelsen. “I encourage our NW members to unite in a vigil of prayer support and sacrificial giving to provide for this critical need.”

Steve Vistaunet, Asst to the President/GLEANER editor, Northwest Adventist Headquarters

pdated 1-14-10  2:30pm

Haiti has two high schools, one university and one hospital. Information is slow to come....understandable. Here’s some information from undersecretary Larry Evans.

Two of our largest Adventist churches near the presidential palace, in Haiti, were destroyed. One of the churches had a school and there are serious concerns for the children.  It is believed that the union president is alive but contact has not been made. The union office is not damaged seriously. One union worker was killed when a wall fell on him. There are two IDEs (missionaries) in Haiti and they are alright.

Updated 1-13-10

ADRA's web site is