Hispanic Camp Meeting 2012
by David Paczka

One of the most anticipated events each year for our churches is the Hispanic Camp Meeting. We know it is a wonderful opportunity that God gives to us not only to hear His word and participate in excellent seminars, but also to get together with our brothers and sisters from other churches that we may not have seen since last camp meeting.

The preparations began many months in advance. By Thursday, July 12th we were ready for the big beginning of our camp meeting. Although it was during the week, which is when our members are usually working until late, we had very good support from them.

Pastor Jose Luis Argumedo, a former Catholic priest, shared a powerful message that motivated us to continue the rest of the weekend by learning about his experience before and after conversion. David Lopez, a pastor from Tucson, Ariz., spoke to our youth about the story of Joseph and challenged them to live like “Realeza (Royalty)” so that God may use them no matter the circumstances that surround them. The children also had a great time with Edwin Vargas and Lisanette Curbelo as they learned about how God made them very special.

The morning of July 13th began with various seminars presented by different guest speakers, including Jerome Elguea, who is also a former Catholic priest, now the first elder in one of our churches in California. Seminar topics included the characteristics of Catholic thought patterns; Revelations; how to look for church members who have disappeared; health and many others.

The theme for our Hispanic Camp Meeting this year was “Reach Your World” which was also used during the English camp meeting.

Over 4,000 people attended the meetings that took place on Sabbath, with Sabbath evening culminating with six baptisms. Afterwards, guest singer, Pastor Tony Avila, shared some great music.

We thank God that He has allowed us to be part of camp meeting—another event that reminds us of our mission on this earth.

We wanted to personally thank all of the pastors and volunteers for the excellent work that they did to make this year’s Hispanic Camp Meeting a success.