The Long Haul Missionary
by Gary McLain

Chapter 3 - The Cashier

A few weeks ago, a big Mexican store opened near where Ghennadii lives. He walked with his children down to the store to purchase some things on a Friday afternoon. When he approached the cashier he notice a little donation box with a picture of a man sitting beside the register. Ghennadii recognized that the man in the photo was sick with cancer and he donated $5. Then he asked the cashier if she knew the person pictured on the box. She said she did not know the man but she knew his brother. Ghennadii asked the cashier if she would be willing to give the man in the picture a book and a DVD of a sermon of pastor Alexander Bullón in Spanish. She agreed to do it. Ghennadii immediately went home, to pick up the book and DVD, and an extra book for the cashier and returned to the store and gave it to her.

All day, Sabbath, Ghennadii could not take his mind off the man pictured on the side of the donation box at the Mexican store. He was wondering if there was more he could do. God impressed him to purchase 100 Steps to Christ. He gave the books to the cashier at the Mexican store and asked her to freely give away to those who donated to the man pictured on the donation box. The cashier gladly agreed to hand out the books.

Ghennadii has many stories like this. God has been using Ghennadii’s openness and willingness to go where He leads. People sometimes even come to Ghennadii for help with moving and such. If he is able, he does what he can. If they offer him money for the help he has provided, he does not accept, but instead he asks if they would be willing to accept a book from him.