The Long Haul Missionary
by Gary McLain

Chapter 4 - Chains

The weather was very cold and wintery and Ghennadii was in a hurry to get home to Portland. He was still about 200 miles out of Oregon, and coming up on a mountain pass at about five o'clock in the morning. To make it through the pass, he would need chains, so he found himself stopping to chain up.

Another truck driver stopped in front of Ghennaddii and walked back to ask for help with his chains since he had never had to use them before. Ghennadii immediately thought that if he helped the man, maybe he would be able to give him a Steps to Christ. Ghennaddii agreed to help the other driver put on the chains in the dark, rainy, snowy conditions. As they worked, they chatted. With the job finished, Ghennaddii ran back to his truck to grab the book. The truck driver asked Ghennadii how much he owed him for helping with the chains. Ghennadii replied that the man didn’t owe him anything. In fact, Ghennadii wanted to give him something. The truck driver couldn't see the book cover in the dark so he held it up toward the light from the cab of his truck. When he saw that the title had the word “Christ” in it, he was delighted and thanked Ghennadii for the book, as well as a the help with the chains.