The Long Haul Missionary
by Gary McLain

Chapter 5: Planting Seeds in a Truck Stop

Ghennadii was on the way to Florida on a hot summer day. Because he doesn't drive on the Sabbath, he had parked in a truck stop on Friday night in Georgia for the Sabbath hours. It was hot and humid, so Ghennadii decided to go into the truck stop and sit at a table in the air conditioning. “From my experience when I go inside and read my Bible (and I have a big Bible, so it does not look like a regular book), people start asking me what I'm reading. 'Is it the Bible?' And so starts a conversation."


On this particular day, there was a family who came in and sat across the aisle from Ghennadii. When he noticed that they said prayer before they began to eat their meal, his mind immediately went into action.... "Okay, these are good Christian people, but how can I give them a Steps to Christ? How can I start a conversation with them?" Then he landed upon an idea. He had his laptop out on the table, so he got up and asked the family if they would mind watching his computer while he used the restroom. They agreed. Ghennadii did not necessarily need to use the facilities, but he went in and prayed anyway. When he came back out he thanked the family for watching his things and asked if he could give them a book to show his appreciation. They gladly accepted a copy of Steps to Christ.