The Long Haul Missionary
by Gary McLain

Chapter 7: Your Kids Will Know

If you have children, I'm sure they are the most important thing in your life. And if we want our children to grow up to be people who contribute to our society in positive ways, we need to exemplify that impact to them.

You can lie to your community, your friends, or your pastor; but you can’t hide things from your children! They can tell if you are a hypocrite.

Ghennadii prays daily that God will help him be the best example he can be for his four children. They see all the books he brings home to give away; they hear the stories of his experiences with God using him in those he comes in contact with.

He thought his kids were still too young to really know what he has been doing until one day when the kids were with him in the car and he stopped at the gas station to fill up.

Mind you, Ghennadi always keeps books to give away in his car. He struck up a conversation with the gas attendant, paid him, and then as he drove off the kids in the back seat started to shout “Daddy, Daddy you forgot to offer books to that person!”