NAD Year-end Meetings

The North American Division leaders began the 2010 Year-end Meetings on November 4 at the Seventh-day Adventist World Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. The meetings will end on Monday, November 8.
The purpose of the annual North American Division Year-end Meeting is to consider budget requests, make appropriations, as well as adopt policies that are necessary for the operation of the church in North America. The Division Secretariat office prepared 65 policies for acceptance by the delegates of this 5-day meeting. Each policy comes before various committees before coming to the delegate floor for a vote.
The members of the 2010 NAD Year-end Meeting also accepted and voted recommendations from the nominating committee concerning the election of vice presidents as well as department directors and associate directors for the 2010-2015 term.
Each of the nine Unions of the Division elected members to serve on the nominating committee: Atlantic Union (4), Columbia Union (5), Lake Union (3), Mid America (3), North Pacific Union (3), Pacific Union (6), Southern Union (7), Southwestern Union (3), and SDA Church in Canada (3). Elder Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division, chaired the meeting.
Listed below are the recommendations:
Vice Presidents
Larry Blackmer
Paul Brantley
Debra C. Brill
R. Ernest Castillo
Alvin M. Kibble
Associate Secretary
Carolyn Forrest
Associate Treasurers
Patricia Horst
Michael Jamieson
Del Johnson
C. Michael Park
Department Directors
J. Alfred Johnson, Adult Ministries
George Johnson Jr., Communication
Sung Kwon, Adventist Community Services
Phyllis Washington, Children’s Ministries
Claudio Consuegra, Family Ministries
Katia Reinert, Health Ministries
Maitland DiPinto, Ingathering/Hope for Humanity
Nancy Lamoreaux, Information Technology Services
Ivan Williams, Ministerial Association
Lilya Wagner, Philanthropic Service for Institutions
John Matthews, Stewardship
Jose V. Rojas, Volunteer Ministries
Carla Baker, Women’s Ministries
James Black, Youth Ministries
Department Associate Directors
Carol Campbell, Education
Dennis Plubell, Education
George Brill, Information Technology Services
Lincoln Steed, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty
Judy Beers, Retirement Plan
C. Maurine Wahlen, Retirement Plan
Linda Wick, Retirement Plan
Manuel Cruz, Youth Ministries