New  ABC Building

Artists Rendering of New Adventist Book Center
The new Adventist Book Center is located on the Gladstone Park Conference Center grounds at:
19800 Oatfield Road, Gladstone, OR 97027



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May 9, 2007

We Have Occupancy!!  Thats right, at 3:15 pm on May 9, we got word that we have occupancy for the bookstore.  It seems like so much has happend, and at times we were bogged down in weather, or any number of other delays, but we finally made it.  The bookstore will be open for business on Monday morning, May 14.  It looks so nice inside with all the fixtures in place, and all the merchandise all set out and ready to sell.  The outside also looks so nice, all landscaped and cleaned up.
This will be the last blog for a couple of months while we gear up for the next big project, the conference administrative offices.  We are expecting plans to be complete in two weeks from now.  The underground utilities are in, and we are waiting for final approval on the plans, then away we go.  I will keep you updated on that building when we begin to make a little progress.  Thanks to all of you who have followed this blog.  I look forward to writing the same three words for the administrative building as I did at the beginning of my comments today.  I hope it will come just before camp meeting 2008!  Continue to pray for God's continued blessing as we move ahead!

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April 27, 2007

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April 20, 2007

The excitement level is rising as we look forward to our transition.  Today is the last day of business we will conduct in our old location!  After today, we will be taking two weeks to pack up and move to our new location.  As you can see from the pictures, the exterior of the building is just about complete.  Landscaping, signage, the final coat of asphalt, and a few touch ups are all that is left outside.  On the inside, the flooring is in, the cabinets have been installed, the bathroom fixtures are in and we are working on the final stages of installing phones, fire alarms, security system, and the ceiling tiles.  It is coming together and looking like construction will be completed by the end of the month.  The only thing that we are trying to work into the mix at the same time are the inspections that can give us the go ahead for final occupancy.  We do not have that yet, but we hope to get word by the middle of next week.  Tell all your friends and neighbors, the ABC is moving, and the Grand Opening is in sight!  Have a terrific Sabbath.

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April 11, 2007

We have very exciting news!  It looks like the construction portion of the building will be finished by the end of April!  The only barrier to occupancy is the inspections.  Pray that we can get the inspectors there at the same time the construction is finished.  We have ordered the fixtures and the office furnature.  They will be delivered right around the end of the month.  The plan is that the current store location will be closed for good during the last week of April.  The new location will be open for business on or around the second week of May.  That gives the store 2 weeks to pack up the old and set up the new.  One thing is for certain, it will be open and in full bloom during camp meeting!
As I write this blog, the tile flooring is going in, and the bathroom fixtures are being installed.  Some of the landscaping is proceeding, and concrete sidewalk areas are being poored.  Most of the exterior of the building is complete.  Just a few finishing touches to go.  The signage is being designed as well. On the building there will be lighted signs on the south and west sides.  There will also be signage at the entrance of the parking lot.
We are looking forward to a huge open house during camp meeting, as well as for the local community within a week or two of official opening.

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March 23, 2007

We are excited to see some of the finishing touches begining now.  The interior paint is going on today!  It is amazing to watch how fast they can coat a building of that size!  All the window and other surfaces that should not receive paint are covered.  Exterior rock is being finished and they are now talking about the landscaping process and the second 'lift' (final coating) on the parking lot area.  It will not be long now!  Stay tuned.

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March 13, 2007

The past month has brought many changes, not all visible from the outside. However, the outside is begining to be complete enough to visualize how it will look as a finished product. As of today, the stucco is almost complete. The forman says that it will be done by Thursday (the 15th). The masons will be coming shortly to put the rock facade on several areas of the building. We are working on the design of the exterior lighted sign(s) that will be placed on the side of the buidling. I walked around the inside this morning and they were putting the insulation in. At the time of this writing, it is likely almost complete and inspected. The HVAC was virtually complete. One exciting thing I saw today is that they were installing the large freezer which will hold our frozen food deliveries. There will be a large deck above the frezer to store other 'stuff'.

As you recall from a previous blog, I mentioned that we had to rent a large machine to dry out the wet lumber (pictured below). That process is just about complete. It appears by Thursday, the sheet rock crew will be showing up. When they get busy, it will really begin to look like a finished building. The forman said he is still very focused on completing this task by the scheduled May 1 deadline, but that he feels it may take a little longer. We will continue to push for the deadline. The conference office portion of the project is under way. Some of the trenches have been dug for the drain tiles.

The underground plumbing has been installed and several other conduits that will house electrical, and phone wiring. Plans have been submitted to the city for approval. We expect to hear back in a couple of weeks. We will be sending the plans out for bid as soon as we get them back from the city.

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February 12, 2007

Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of little things have been happening.  Well, maybe not so little, but less obvious to the casual onlooker.  The roof is almost complete.  The pitched portion is done, with the brown colored metal roofing in place.  The flat portion of the roof is nearly finished. Also, the exterior walls are nearly ready to receive the stucco application.  In fact, the northwest corner of the building has already received the beginning coats. The pillars on the exterior have received the pretreatment for the masons to come in and apply the faux rock.  All the windows and glazing are now in, and the doors are all on. We are now ready to dry out the interior so we are ready to apply the sheetrock when the time comes.  In the meantime, many trades are active on the inside.  HVAC is going in in earnest.  Some of the roof cooling/heating units are up.  Ducting is all over the inside now.  The electrical is going in and the plumbing is starting as well.  It is exciting to see so much activity, and now that the building is dried in, we are not so worried about weather. We are also proceeding with the main office building.  As I mentioned in the past, we will be letting bids shortly for construction.  I spoke with the job forman the other day, and he is continually thinking of ways to save time and money.  The latest brainstorm is to have the excavation of the footings happen before the drain tiles are finalized.  That way, we won't be tearing up the tiles while digging the footings, and it will save time.  I am glad we have those kind of people on the job.

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February 2, 2007

God has indeed blessed us with magnificent weather the last couple of weeks.  This has allowed great progress.  Many of the things I mentioned in my last blog are now reality.  HVAC is going in. The window frames are all in, and the glass is going in as well. The roof felt is on and the exterior walls are prepared to receive the stucco treatment. Colors have been chosen for the walls, flooring, and casework.  The electrical and plumbing are being roughed in as well.  We received an update on the time of completion.  We are a couple of week late due mostly to the weather.  The expected occupancy date is now May 17.  We are still aiming at the May 1 deadline, and may still make it.  However, we continue to try to keep things realistic in terms of timing.  Becasue of the wet weather, we have had to rent a machine that drys the wood to its core and removes all the humidity in the building.  We will need to get it enclosed first, before we begin the drying process.  It is expected to take about three weeks to dry.  In the meantime, many of the trades can continue to work.  Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and others can continue.  We just have to make sure it is dry before applying the sheet rock.  We continue to be optimistic about the process.  Things are going well.  Happy Sabbath!



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January 25, 2007

Things are progressing nicely on the ABC building!  It has been three weeks since I last updated progress.  We have had, as you know, really bad weather, plus the holidays to deal with.  All that added up to a much slower pace on progress.

However, things have picked up.  Framing of the structure is complete.  The exterior sheeting is going on, and is almost complete.  We are a day or two away from roofing going on the building.  Windows will be going in shortly as well.  HVAC work has started, and electrical is scheduled. 

Because of the extremely wet weather, we have had to rent a machine that will dry out the wood before we can put the sheetrock on.  This is an important step that will prevent any possibility of mold inside the walls.

We had a meeting yesterday with the contractor.  He went over the progress and deadlines we are working on.  We are also in the process of picking the interior colors and carpet.  We are going to attempt to pick colors that are complimentary to the convention center.  Not exact duplicates, but complimentary.  The main freezer specifications have been confirmed and we are working on the exact specs for the warehouse shelving.  It will be three levels, each bay being about 5 feet wide.  Each bay will be able to hold a full pallet of canned food.  Going up three levels, you can imagine the weight that will be on those shelves.  We have to make sure the engineering is done well.

We also spoke about the timeline for the main conference office building.  It looks like we will have permits for that building by the first part of April.  Construction will start shortly thereafter. The best estimates say that construction will take about a year.

January 5, 2007

Happy New Year!!  After taking a break for the holidays, it is time to continue with the updates on our construction process. The exterior frame has been the focus of the past several weeks.  I walked through the building this morning and also took the opportunity to speak with the foreman in charge of construction oversite.  Visually, there is a lot happening.  The roof trusses are all up except for over the main entrance. Most of the interior walls are up (a few office partitions are all that are left to construct).  It looks big inside!  About two thirds of the building is selling/office space, the other third is warehousing space.  The foreman said that within a couple of weeks, the roofing material will be going on.  He also said that the HVAC (heating and cooling) infrastructure will be started next week.  Rain has been a problem for several weeks with no sign of letting up.  We are supposed to be getting snow next week here on the valley floor.  We will see.

We are getting very close to finalizing our plans for the Administration building.  Bids will be going out, probably before the month ends.  It will be a very functional and efficient building.  We do have concerns about cost overuns, but we are doing our best to keep those contained.  We hope to be under construction by spring with a construction window of one year.  I may skip a week or two here or there just because visually, there is not much change.  But I will do my best to keep you up to date on the changes.  Happy Sabbath!

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December 15, 2006

We have had a lot of rain, but every day, the workers have continued their efforts to keep the construction process going. I spoke with the project manager, and he said we are about 2 or 3 weeks behind where we would have liked to be at this time, but that we are still on track to meet the most important deadline of April 30.  It appears that the storm we experienced in the Portland Metro area last night, did not adversely affect the construction site.  The walls stayed put even though a handful of trees and tree limbs came down in other areas of the campground because of the strong winds.  

We thought that the trusses would be started this week, but it looks like it will be next week.  Once they are up, we will all get a good idea about the actual size of the building.  Including the site work and the walls that are up at this point, we have expended close to $2,000,000 for the project. It is a little more than we had hoped for, but we continue to try to keep the project functional and efficient.

Have a very happy Sabbath!

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December 8, 2006

Well, things are beginning to look a lot different then they ever have during this construction project.  During the site work, it was difficult to see much progress being made.  The biggest thing was when the paving was put down and the slab was poured.  But now, walls are going up!  

As I said in last weeks blog, the pictures are looking a lot different now.  Last Monday, the first wall were raised into place, and by today, most of the exterior walls are up, and some of the interior ones are going up.  

The steel posts are in place that will support the walls separating the main store from the warehouse.  I spoke with the forman today and he indicated that the roof trusses will be here next week.  So in not to long a time, we will be looking at a completed shell.  We still think we are on track to get the building completed by the end of April 2007, which is when the ABC must be out of their current location.  

Please pray that sufficient progress will be made to meet that deadline.  I wish you a blessed Sabbath!!!

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December 1, 2006

Wow!  We have made it to December and smack dab in the middle of the holiday season!  Along with all the wonders that this time of year brings, we add construction to the mix.  

We have been delayed by the weather, but even so, the ABC slab is down and the walls are being framed.  As of this morning, the walls are only laying on the ground.  But from the looks of things, they will go up with in days!

Next weeks blog will bring pictures that look a lot different then today!  I am sure you will begin to see what the building will look like above the ground! The wood was delivered about a week ago.  The workers are now framing the 2"x8" exterior walls, covered with a plywood skin.  Like I said, this next week appears to be the week where things really go vertical.  

The Conference is now officially in the Holden Convention Center.  We are totally moved, having completed the final cleaning and building 'handover' to the Education Service District yesterday.  The ABC will remain at the Clackamas location through April 30, 2007, at which point we hope to have a finished structure for them to move into.  Continue to stay tuned and especially look for the blog next Friday.  I think the pictures will show a new phase of construction.  Happy Sabbath.

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November 17, 2006

Beginning before daybreak, the concrete trucks began to roll onto the construction site.  By 8 am, all the concrete needed to create the new bookstore pad had been poured and was being smoothed by the workers. I hope the neighbors were not too bothered by the early morning noise. Because it took so much concrete, they needed all day (and then some) to make sure they had a flat surface when it dried. It was very interesting to watch as they worked on such a large surface area.  

As the concrete cured and was able to hold heavy things without giving way, they used a riding float to complete the smoothing process.  You can see in the picture below that the worker is using a hand held motorized float, but there was also one that he actually got on and rode around on the concrete to smooth it out. 
It it a blessing that the rain let up for a couple of days so this process could happen without too much difficulty.

In the coming days, you will begin to see the 'vertical' portion of the project.  It will quickly start to take shape as we move toward a projected bookstore completion date of April 30, 2007.  The pad for the administration building is now covered with plastic, gravel and sand in preparation for utility trenches and footings in the near future.  We hope that the administration building will be complete by March/April, 2008.

As it turns out, this was 'D-day' for the office in Clackamas.  Moving trucks came yesterday and began the three day process of relocating all of our stuff to the new headquarters in Gladstone.  By day's end today, most of the office had been moved and many of the employees are well into the process of unpacking and settling into their new spaces.  Monday will bring with it the final day of relocation of building contents.  We will continue to lease the building through the end of November so we have time to clean up and prepare it for the new owners.

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November 10, 2006

This past week, we have had heavy rains.  I wondered how that would affect the construction process since we did not have paving on the site yet.  However, yesterday (November 9), the pavers were hard at it, and by this morning, the first layer of paving was complete!  I spoke with the job foreman, and he indicated that before today was over, they would have curbing in on the newly paved surface, as well as plastic and gravel on the portion of the site where the administration building will sit.  The curbing and pavement will now channel any water into the storm drains so it won't affect the already completed site work. 

Footings have been dug out for the ABC in preparation for the foundation to be formed and poured. The concrete pad for the ABC may be ready to be poured within a week or so.  It is exciting to see that progress is being made. 

On another note, the conference office will be moving next week to the Holden Convention Center.  Three moving trucks and 18 movers are coming in beginning Thursday  November 16!!  The office staff is feverishly working to pack everything in the boxes provided by the movers in time for the relocation process to begin.  Offices occupying the lower level of Holden will be moved Thursday, and the upper level on Friday.  We will be closed for business during the week of November 20 so offices can get unpacked and settled in preparation for being open for business on November 27 in our new location. Stay tuned!

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November 2, 2006

It is exciting to see the progress being made.  The pads for both buildings are now up to grade level.  The ABC pad has been graveled as well as the parking lot area between the ABC and the Conference office.  With the rain coming today, I hope that the pad for the office building can be prepared as well for the 'permanent' winter weather.  

For several weeks, fill dirt was being brought in to get the pads up to proper grade.  Once complete, it left a large wall of dirt to look at from 82nd Ave.  I am happy to say that yesterday the 'wall' has been bulldozed  and graded to look a lot nicer.  

I have notice a few concrete trucks coming in.  That is good news as we look forward to the footings and foundation being poured for the ABC.

19800 Oatfield Road . Gladstone, OR  97027 . 503.850.3500