Leonard Brand is Professor of Biology and Paleontology in the Department of Earth and Biological Sciences, at Loma Linda University. He received his PhD at Cornell University and has been on the LLU faculty since then. He teaches courses in paleontology, vertebrate biology, and philosophy of science. His research focuses on the processes of fossilization and the geological factors that influence preservation of fossils. He has published over 30 scientific research papers and numerous articles in church publications, and has authored three books. His strongest long-term interest has been developing a Bible-centered approach to the integration of faith and science.




Natural Selection
Many scientists think that natural selection and mutation can accomplish the evolution of all of life. However, there are good reasons to think that natural selection is important in adaptations of organisms to their environment, but it has no power to make a new kind of animal or plant.

Time and the Fossil Record
Geology presents challenges to a short time for life on earth (thousands rather than millions of years), but there are also aspects of geological evidence that support a short time since creation.

Personal Experiences in Science
In several decades of research in paleontology and geology, acceptance of a literal biblical worldview has been a help, not a hindrance, to successful research. It also provided rewarding experiences in relationships with fellow scientists.