Arthur Chadwick is Professor of Geology and Biology at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, TX, where he is Research Professor of Geology. He was instrumental in establishing the Geology Department at La Sierra University where he taught for some years, and was Visiting Professor of Geology and Geophysics at University of Oklahoma prior to taking his present position.

Dr. Chadwick is also a cofounder of the Earth History Research Center, a global consortium of research scientists focused on issues of origins. He currently serves as Director of the Center.




Trilobite: Enigma of Complexity

Origin of Life
Just what do evolutionists believe about the origin of life? What data support their assertions, and what counter arguments can be made? How do I relate to the argument that life arose naturalistically from nonliving material?

Radioisotope Dating
This argument continues to be one of the chief stumbling blocks to acceptance of the Genesis account as written. How can we deal with this argument and what possible alternatives exist?

What would we learn if we could see a video rerun of the Genesis flood? Since that is not presently available, is there any other tool that will let us watch the process of the flood? Yes. Paleocurrents, water movement directions obtained from the rocks in the geological column, can help us learn much about the past history of the earth.