Ekkehardt Mueller was born in the German Democratic Republic and escaped to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1956. He obtained his Theology degree from Seminar Marienhöhe, Darmstadt, Germany and served as a pastor in the South Bavarian Conference of Seventh-day-Adventists. Continuing his studies at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, he earned his Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Theology.

Dr. Mueller has served as Ministerial Secretary and Director of the Education department for the South German Union. He also served as Ministerial Secretary of the Euro-Africa Division. Dr. Mueller is currently the Associate Director of the Biblical Research Institute (BRI), General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.



Creation in the Old Testament
The OT contains a number of statements about creation, the most prominent being Gen 1 and 2. How should this passage be interpreted? Should one opt for a literal or non-literal understanding? Is the text suggesting a recent creation? What mechanism does the text suggest?

Creation in the New Testament
In this lecture we will take a look at the NT references to creation, discuss the contribution of Jesus and his disciples to the theology of creation, and draw some conclusions for our present situation. The NT testimony to creation is a much needed supplement to the doctrine of creation as presented by the OT. It is not only informative but normative for today‘s followers of Christ.

Jesus–Creator and Savior
Jesus emphasizes as creator is mentioned a number of times. Colossians 1 connects Jesus as Creator with Jesus as Savior and Sustainer linking inseparably creation and salvation. It is inconsistent to give up Jesus as Creator or reinterpret his creative activity into an evolutionary process and yet maintain him as Savior.