Timothy Standish was born in Sydney, Australia, but grew up in the Far East where his parents served as missionaries. As an educator Dr. Standish has taught in colleges and universities in the United States, South Africa, Nigeria, Austria, Kenya and the Philippines. He has also taught public high-school science classes in the United States and currently works closely with science teachers in Christian secondary and tertiary schools. His publications cover topics ranging from the molecular basis of behavior in crickets, to Intelligent Design and public policy. In addition, he has authored many academic and popular papers dealing with faith and science. Interactions between science, faith and public policy are his primary interest at present. Dr. Standish holds a research appointment at the Geoscience Research Institute in Loma Linda, California.



A Brief History of Design Arguments
Is nature designed? Or is it best explained in terms of chance and natural laws? Denial of design in nature is not new, and advocacy of design is not rooted in primitive religious beliefs. While beliefs about what nature ultimately is may be informed by modern science, questions about design and answers arrived at are ultimately rooted in ancient worldviews that are and not entirely subject to science.

Evil, Death and Salvation
If a loving omniscient, omnipotent God created the earth and life on it, why does death and suffering permeate the entire biosphere? Does evil in nature force the conclusion that God is evil, incompetent or uninvolved? Charles Darwin thought so, should we?

Intermediate Fossils
From appeals to “the extreme imperfection of the geological record” to “punctuated equilibrium” Darwinists have struggled to explain the lack of intermediate fossils linking different groups of organisms. At the same time, when a putative “missing link” is found, it is celebrated as compelling evidence that Darwin was right. What is a “missing link?”How good are the examples that have been found? Do they really support Darwin’s theory of gradual evolution over eons?