Origins Presintations - PDFs

The Origins presentations are in the order in which they were given.  

All presentations in one PDF Origins Portfolio PDF (132MB)
Click on the Origins Portfolio PDF link and wait for it to download. It may take a while.

Individual Presentations - in PDF format
01 Why we Should Care About Creation and Science
- Jim Gibson (PDF 3MB)

02 Creation in the Old Testament - Ekkehardt Mueller (PDF 537kb)

03 A Brief History of Design Arguments - Tim Standish (PDF 11MB)

04 Trilobite - Enigma of Complexity - Art Chadwick (PDF 6MB)

05 Origin of Life - Art Chadwick (PDF 5MB)

06 The Origin of Biodiversity - Jim Gibson (PDF 5MB)

07 Natural Selection - Leonard Brand (PDF 39MB)

08 is not reproducible by Ronny Nalin 

09 Evil Death and Salvation - Tim Standish (PDF 21MB)

10 Creation in the New Testament - Ekkehardt Mueller (PDF 123kb)

11 Its all About Time - Ronny Nalin (PDF 13MB)

12 (Radioisotope) Radiometric dating - Art Chadwick (PDF 19MB)

13 Time and the Fossil and Record - Leonard Brand (PDF 56MB)

14 Intermediate Fossils - Tim Standish (PDF 32MB)

15 Art Chadwick's presentation not currently available.

16 Jesus - Creator and Savior - Ekkehardt Mueller (PDF 1MB)

17 Personal Experiences in Science - Leonard Brand & (Art Chadwick) (PDF 38MB)

18 A Treasure in Jars of Clay - Ronny Nalin (PDF 11MB)

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