Sarah Halvorsen
By Dick Duerksen

Sarah is president of the senior class, leader in spiritual outreach and campus ministries, and center for Portland Adventist Academy’s Cougars basketball team.
There’s more. She gets good grades, goes on mission trips, and is a compassionate teammate and friend.
Sarah was selected as the Oregonian’s High School Athlete of the Week for February 27-March 4. “26,075 votes!” Principal Sheldon Parris proudly proclaims.
I asked her how it felt to be the winner.
“It’s kind of special,” Sarah smiled. “I really didn’t expect to win, but was watching the voting with some friends. When I went to bed that night, I was behind in the voting, but the next morning my friends called to tell me I had won! We were all really excited!”
Liesl Vistaunet, Public Relations & Communications/Web Manager. “Last year Sarah’s Change Agent Project (CAP project) was to raise funds for one of her fellow students who had been transferred from PAA to a very expensive special school designed to give struggling students another chance. She, and many others, believed that this young man could make it and chose to hold a special basketball camp at Tualatin Valley Academy to raise funds to assure he could complete his education. They raised far more than they had hoped, and made a huge impact on so many people. Most of all, they helped a struggling student succeed.”
Shawna Irvine, Administrative Assistant. “Sarah’s a hard worker with great attention to detail, an athlete who has set records here that will probably never be broken. She’s not a pushover or a wallflower, but one who knows exactly where she’s going in life and is going out to get it. She’s just a humble, quality kid!”
Ty Johnson, Vice Principal and Coach. “We just played in the Oregon State Championships, and our girls took fourth place, the best in school history. Sarah’s first team all league, first team all state tournament, and first team all state players. She’s a dynamic athlete who has a very clear vision of what she wants to do. She wants to be an elementary teacher like her Mom over at Tualatin Valley.”
“Sarah’s has been dating the same guy for several years. That relationship is more difficult this year because Derek is a Freshman at Walla Walla University. However, before he went off to college the two of them chose a new devotional book they both liked and purchased two copies. Every evening they pull out the books, open their computers, and Skype their evening devotions together.”
Sarah is a senior at PAA, a woman who has chosen to have God live through her, a girl who needs all the prayers and support you can give.