Schwinghammer Accepts
Oregon Conference VP Invitation

On Thursday April 26, 2018, Dr. David Schwinghammer accepted an invitation to become the next vice president for administration for the Oregon Conference. The call came after a joint meeting of the conference nominating and executive committees. He will replace Elder Dave Allen who retires July 1.  
Since 2016, Dr. Schwinghammer has been serving in the Ontario Conference in Canada as vice president for administration. Before that, he served in the Ontario Conference as a pastor, then as stewardship director. He brings a wealth of experience in church administration and leadership to his new role. He holds degrees from Burman University, the Adventist Theological Seminary, and Fuller Theological Seminary. 
 “It was a blessing to see God’s presence active in the Nominating Committee meeting, clearly guiding the whole process in the selection of Dr. David Schwinghammer (Pastor Dave) as the next VP for Administration/Executive Secretary for the Oregon Conference,” said President Dan Linrud. “Pastor Dave will bring experience and dynamic leadership skills. His passionate spirituality also exemplifies our Oregon Conference mission of Knowing, Loving and Serving Jesus and others, and Sharing Jesus with others. He is both an inspiring preacher and gifted musician who effectively leads others closer to Jesus. Further, he has high interpersonal aptitude and a strong business sense.”
As President Linrud explains, Pastor Dave’s skillset provides for a unique opportunity in church administration. “It is crucial that we be proactive with the coming wave of leadership retirements across the North American Division. A key dimension of this position will be to help coordinate a new initiative of identifying, training and equipping persons who may be future Conference leaders. This will be in addition to the traditional role of VP for Administration: performing administrative functions, serving committees and boards, and relating to personnel. Pastor Dave is well equipped to help with this, as he has been active as a visiting seminary instructor.”
“I am thankful for the way in which the Lord has led in the past 22 years of ministry in the Adventist Church,” says Pastor Dave. “It has been a joy to serve along with others who have a passion for Jesus and see firsthand how God unfolds His vision for their lives. I’m honored for the opportunity to join the Oregon Conference family and am looking forward to seeing what God will do among us.”
Dave and his wife, Ingrid, have two children. Their daughter, Albany, attends Andrews University while son, Justin, is an academy student.  Ingrid has served at ADRA Canada for over 13 years.
“As Pastor Dave joins the Oregon Conference, I am confident that God has marvelous things in store for this leadership team going forward,” adds Linrud. “We are very pleased to welcome Dave, Ingrid, Albany & Justin Schwinghammer to our Oregon Conference Administrative Family!”
Schwinghammer is planning to begin serving the Oregon Conference July 1, 2018 with family relocation to follow.