Serving, Loving, and Ministering Practically
By Dick Duerksen
You can tell a lot about a man by his car.

One of the windows on Pastor Tim Mayne’s car tells many stories: Emergency Medical Care First Responder. Fire Department Chaplain. And a proud member of Hope Inside, the emergency response of Tillamook Adventist Hospital. The license Plate adds even more. “I am an Oregon Firefighter.”

Step inside his office and you’ll learn even more. His Bible is at the center of it all, for Pastor Tim Mayne is the Seventh-day Adventist pastor for Tillamook, Oregon.

Then you’ll notice the painting, done by a former member and fine friend, proving that Tim is a biker. Another painting shows the first church he pastored. A photo shows him driving a Fire Rescue Unit during a rescue on Netarts Beach. And, a plaque proclaims Timothy Mayne as “Firefighter of the Year.”

I’ve been visiting our Oregon Conference pastors, learning about their congregations and listening to tales from their lives of ministry. When I asked Tim about what was really important to him, he told me about church members, teens at the school, the Bible classes he teaches, the prayers he prays with community leaders, and (especially) the community services center the church operates.

“It’s on our land,” Pastor Tim says, “but it belongs to everyone. We work closely with several other churches in the area to make sure no one near Tillamook goes hungry, sleeps in the rain, or goes more than a week without a shower.”

I asked Pastor Tim about the Salvation Army major’s hat that hangs above his office desk.

“My grandfather’s hat,” he answered. “I was raised in a Salvation Army family. That’s where I learned about caring for the homeless and hungry. My grandparents were really into the Army! Then, a couple years ago, the Salvation Army lost their leader here on the coast, so I volunteered to help.”

This Christmas the Adventist Community Service Center, in conjunction with the Salvation Army, the St. Vincent dePaul Society, and a score of other congregations, served the needs of hundreds of families in and around Tillamook.

“I don’t really do that much,” Tim says. "I just wear the hat. Our members are the ones that make all of this happen. We’re all just doing what Christ has asked us to do."