Singing in the Choir

By Al Reimche

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to check your house for the last time, making sure you have everything wrapped up and ready for the trip to the promised land? Or felt the emotion as you burst out in song after watching the final ties with Egypt being broken and washed away? What would have gone through your mind as you watched the water of the Jordan River pile higher and higher as the priests stepped in to the middle of the dry river bed? Or listened to the sound of walls – barriers – tumble down as you entered into the promised land?

What is it about that story of deliverance that impacts us here? Why is that a message for us today? As I think back to the  year that recently ended, it seems to reverberate with terrorism, pain, and hopelessness –fear, plain and simple, which must have been the sentiment back there in Egypt. And yet in this setting, the words of victory for the song of Moses and the  Lamb are being formed. That moment when all  appeared to be lost as the Israelites left Egypt with water ahead and armies behind, that moment of fear led to one of the great songs of praise which I believe will be a verse in our song at the end. “The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; my father’s God, and I will exalt Him.” Exodus 15:2.

 What will the words to that song be as we enter the promised land? We know what they won’t contain. They won’t be about us. They won’t be about how we protected ourselves from the disasters that came to this world. They won’t even be words that expound on our great exploits for God. The words will be about a God who excels in strength. They will include pictures of a God who has done everything for our redemption—a God who covered all costs so that we could sing this new song to Him. A God who has become our salvation.

The rehearsal time for this song is now. The words will not form on our lips if they have not been part of our thoughts here. As I reflect on the past year I am reminded of how God has already been filling our hearts with those words through the vision and team ministry of our pastors and educators – all ministers working “Together as One” and the new members that have discovered the grace of our God this year and joined in practicing for that grand choir. The miracles that have been evident throughout 2015, whether financial or physical, conference-wide or just within our own hearts. All these form the words of that new song.

God is preparing a choir to sing that song.

What part are you practicing to sing?