A Team of Somebodies
By Randy Hill

Another organization, another club. I don’t know; our lives are full! There’s no time, what with work, and school, and lessons, and repairs, and maintenance on all your stuff. And shopping, and Pinterest, and Facebook, and Pokémon Go, and Netflix, and Hulu, and Amazon Prime… (You’ve got to keep up with all that, you know?)  And evening work that you have to bring home, and taxes, and politics, and church stuff, and Taco Bell runs, and funerals, and weddings, and baby showers, and trips to the library. And relatives, and counseling appointments, and trips to the vet and dentist. And then there’s the kids’ homework and that science fair project. And your family vacation to get ready for. It’s just crazy! Life is crazy! And your car breaks down. And your mother-in-law is coming over, and the house needs cleaning. And the kids are whining, and the trash didn’t get picked up this week because nobody put the cans out and now it’s flowing out all over the patio and the raccoons have found it. And the garbage disposal is on the fritz again—is that silly putty down there?  And you’re tired. You’re not just tired you’re exhausted. And the kids…

The kids. You really wanted it to be different for the kids. But somehow, life has gotten so crazy that what you want for the kids rarely happens. And really, when you stop to think about it, you feel bad.

Or maybe you’re a single parent and everything is on you. And frankly, your kids could use some consistency. Your life is beyond crazy. Your kids could really use an adult in their life, an adult that isn’t distracted by phone calls with –Oh, let’s not go there. But you can agree that you could use a team member in raising your kid.

Or maybe your family is doing fine! You’ve got your priorities straight. Nothing out of place. No stress in your house, but you’ve thought…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program for kids where SOMEBODY would slow down and get to know your kid? SOMEBODY who would listen to their hopes, their dreams, their fears and SOMEBODY who would cheer for their successes? Not that you don’t! But SOMEBODY that isn’t their parent—cheering. Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t it be great if SOMEBODY, would give a kid a responsibility and then hold them accountable to get it done? And when they fail, help them get back at it and try again. SOMEBODY who would have the heart of a forgiver—and work with kids. SOMEBODY that would recognize that character is not shaped overnight, that when it comes to working with people it is not a sprint but a marathon. Wouldn’t that be great?  Wouldn’t it be great, if there was a whole team of these SOMEBODY people, whose mission in life was to teach your kid about God? I mean with a whole team, certainly there would be SOMEBODY there who your kid would get along with! SOMEBODY who could communicate with your unique kid, and SOMEBODY who would show why having God in your life is so important. Why asking Jesus to forgive them, and accepting salvation, is a life-altering, life-changing thing—and the best thing a person can do.

Wouldn’t that be great?  What if, that team of SOMEBODIES took on the challenge of teaching kids, not only by lecturing but by doing stuff? Practical stuff. And what if through teaching this practical stuff they taught positive character development? Things like honesty, trustworthiness, and responsibility. Is that possible? Could you teach responsibility through an activity like, oh I don’t know, say…cooking dinner over an open fire? Is that possible? Because something like that just might capture a kid’s attention!

Wouldn’t that be great?

Wouldn’t it be great if this team of SOMEBODIES would get together and THINK. Think about what they are doing in their program. And continually try to come up with better ways of working with kids. And then, train themselves to be better at it? Can you imagine? Wouldn’t that be great?

Wouldn’t it be great if this team of SOMEBODIES was in it for the long haul? I mean year after year they were to tweak it to make it better, yes. But, wouldn’t it be great if the relationships that are formed with your kid by these incredible SOMEBODIES carried on after your kid spent their 5 or 6 years in the program? Wouldn’t that be great?!

Huh.  Wow…. A team of SOMEBODIES…

SOMEBODY that would intentionally teach life skills to your kid. SOMEBODY that would point your kid toward heaven. SOMEBODY that would use their two weeks of vacation time each year not to go where they want, but instead, to go to a place where they can teach your kid. SOMEBODY that will take whatever discretionary income they have to buy equipment and teaching supplies. SOMEBODY who is willing to get involved—not SOMEBODY that just sits back and thinks of reasons why it won’t work.

Wow.  A team of SOMEBODIES. Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I’d like to introduce myself to you……I’m SOMEBODY.

I’m SOMEBODY. And God has called me to be SOMEBODY. And by His grace and his leading he’s placed me in this position. I’m a Pathfinder leader. I’m a Pathfinder team member.

And we would love to have your kid as a part of our program!

We believe that it is not just a good thing—we believe that Pathfinders is a program that is getting more valuable with each year that passes!  Because as life gets more and more busy kids need a program full of SOMEBODIES to help guide them. In fact, we could use you! God could use you! You should come by and talk to our director.

What is the mission of Pathfinders? We are a team of SOMBODIES. Dedicated to finding ways to lead young people into a lifesaving relationship with Jesus Christ. And we often use practical life skills and outdoor activities as a conduit to that end.

Two hundred and ten Pathfinder leaders got together in August to learn to do our mission better. And for three days we stopped and thought and prayed about our ministries and looked at ways to do what we do better. We looked for ways to be better at helping children become young men and women of God. If your church has a club, make no mistake, we are not a babysitting service one night a week. We are missionaries with a definite vision, a definite burden that God has placed on us. And we are about carrying out that calling. If your church doesn’t have a club, you should contact your pastor and board members. Then contact the conference office’s Pathfinder department and ask how to get a club started.

Just don’t think that Pathfinders is a camping club or a babysitting service. No, it’s a life-changing organization that, if you’ll give it a chance, it may just grab your imagination and instill in you a dream for ministry.