"The Best Day Ever..."

By Julie Corson, as told to Al Reimche

This last month a note was passed to me by one of our teachers. I had to share with you the story it told....

Yesterday during journaling time I assigned my first and second grade students the project of writing about the best day ever. I gave an example and said, "How would you start your best day ever? Would you start it with pancakes and syrup or scrambled eggs and potatoes? Spend the next thirteen and half minutes writing about what you think the best day ever would be like." The students began writing and surprisingly had the writing stamina to write for most of the time. I didn't have time to read their journals after school yesterday, but when I came in early this morning and started to read I was brought to tears of joy. My students love Jesus! Here are some examples of what I read....

"The best day ever would start with pancakes for breakfast. Then reading the Bible. After that, I would go in a hot air balloon...." 

”The best day ever starts with God and Jesus and love. I like the stories about God. One of my favorites is baby Moses, he obeyed God. I am a Christian...."

"The best day I think is when Jesus comes because I have friends that I will see again...."

"The best day ever is when I go to heaven. And when I see my dog again. And also to see God...."

"My best day ever is when Jesus comes. Jesus is going to protect everybody in the earth. And nothing can be impossible for him...."

"The best day ever is when Jesus will come! The best day is when I pray to God. The best day for me is when I get to see everybody in heaven. The best day I think for everybody is seeing Jesus...."

"I am writing about when Jesus comes again. So I could see all the animals. I could ride a donkey like Mary and Joseph. Also I want to get on a giraffe so I could go up, up, up...."

This is just a sampling, but journal entry after journal entry was about starting their best day ever with Jesus through prayer, Bible reading, worship or song, or about Jesus coming again. My students have a profound effect on me and I am honored to be their teacher and hang out with such amazing Christians!

Thank you, Julie Corson, for allowing God to work through you and your classroom. I personally want to thank all our ministers of education as they lead children to Jesus every day in our classrooms. I also believe this ministry is like a solid three-legged stool where our pastors and churches work alongside our educators and schools to support our parents and homes. Join me in praying that “Together as One” we will be ready for that great day when Jesus returns again.