The "P" Word Comes to Sabbath School
By Dick Duerksen
“What would happen if a “P” Word – Principled Love – came to Sabbath School? How would things be different?”
That’s how Pastor Charles Byrd began his sermon at the Grants Pass Church last Sabbath, the second in his new series on Next Steps in getting to know Jesus.
“Our Next Steps series is about love as the principle of giving what is needed most,” says Pastor Byrd. “So, when the church Sabbath School council asked me to focus a sermon on what Sabbath School could be for our community, it was easy to show how this hour each Sabbath is an important part of all we do.”
And that’s just the beginning.
Last Sabbath a family from the Midwest visited the church, fell in love with the fellowship and ministry focus, and asked how they could join the community every weekend. One of the members quickly gave them the addresses for the church’s website (, the pastor’s blog 
(, and the video live-streaming (
The church also received a phone call from a guest who has been working in the area as a firefighting helicopter pilot. “I happened by your church last Saturday and really enjoyed the service. How can I learn more about the Next Steps and get the material?”
You can be sure these visitors will be listening again this Sabbath, but this time they’ll be joining worship via YouTube live-streaming. Or reading the blog. Or, maybe they’ll move to Grants Pass, and join the members in worship every Sabbath. 
You can read the rest of Pastor Byrd’s “P” Word sermon, and get a copy of the sermon notes at Or, watch the archived live-stream at