Three Sisters School Blessings
By Dick Duerksen

This is election month in America, and the parents of 47 Oregon children have voted that Three Sisters School is the very best possible place to send their children for a quality Christ-centered education.

At the end of last school year, Three Sisters school graduated 7 students, reducing their enrollment from 36 to 29. That sent the school board, teachers, parents, and supporting churches to their knees asking God to inspire more parents to bring their children to the school.

Knowing that God was already helping the school succeed, the school board voted money for some new equipment and for a necessary remodeling of the school entryway. Big projects for a school with dwindling enrollment.

Everyone (pastors, parents, teachers, and even a few students) worked hard on the remodeling and continued to pray. One by one new families came to Principal Jenni Neil and asked if there might be room for their children at Three Sisters. The enrollment of 29 became 32, and then 37, and finally on the opening day of school, 44 students enrolled!

There was great rejoicing on Oregon’s Eastern Slope!

Today the enrollment has increased to 47, a number that has only intensified the teachers’ prayers: For wisdom. For compassion. For the Holy Spirit’s constant presence.

Three Sisters School continues to provide the highest quality Christ-centered education, and today the remodeled halls are filled with laughing, singing, learning kids.