Unlocking Revelation
This past fall, twelve Adventist churches coordinated efforts to bring the gospel to southern Oregon. They brought Unlock Revelation to life. All twelve churches had meetings on the same nights, preaching the same message at each location.

Over the next few weeks we'll share experiences from several of the locations. You'll hear experiences from some of the pastors, but also, as we like to call them here in the Oregon Conference, members in ministry.
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Grants Pass

Keri Dobbins had been searching for a church the past several months. She got a postcard in the mail and saw that it was from the Seventh-day Adventists. She was a little skeptical at first, but decided to attend. She had recently been attending the local Baptist church in town. Why was she so skeptical? Because her husband was a former Adventist. She invited him to the meetings, but he said, “No thanks, but you can go if you want to.” Her mother-in-law, who lives with them, was also a former Adventist. She also turned down Keri's invitation.

One of Keri’s best friends got the postcard as well so they decided to go together. Keri was so intrigued that she didn't miss a single meeting. By the end of the meetings she found Pastor Martin, and with tears in her eyes, said “I’ve got to get my husband back to church. I've found that this is home.” Keri asked, “Pastor, could you come to my house and visit with my husband and mother-in-law?” Pastor Martin happily agreed to meet with these very special people in Keri’s life. When he arrived, he found an immediate connection with Keri’s husband and mother-in-law and the very next Sabbath, with a big smile on her face, Keri and her husband walked through the door of the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist Church. He is now taking Bible studies with Pastor Martin with the support of Keri by his side.

Central Point

One of three preaching at Central Point Adventist Church was lay speaker, Jesse. Jesse had never preached more than two Sabbaths in a row, so to preach three nights in a row was a character building experience. It made him step outside of his comfort zone which he felt made him more reliant on the Holy Spirit than on his own efforts. They used the Revelation Speaks Peace series from It Is Written’s John Bradshaw for their presentations. Jesse said he doesn't speak like brother Bradshaw so he rewrote most of his presentations to fit his own speaking style. Jesse said “Even though one night I had some computer problems at the beginning, I relied on God and the rest of the night went smoothly.”  

Even if it seems our efforts are in vain, remember God is in control. Let Him work through you and then let the Holy Spirit do His part. “We are here to plant seeds,” says Jesse.

He continues, "We had people coming to these meetings that we haven’t seen in this church for years, according to many of the church greeters."

Jesse shared, “The hope in these last days is to reveal Jesus. To know and understand that the love of Jesus walks side by side with us as He reveals terrible things that are happening to us now and those to come. When Jesus is revealed, the Holy Spirit is present and those who hear are blessed”.