Welcome to Vivid

By Samuel Moreno

Real God, Relevant Church, and Relatable People. That’s the foundation of Vivid, because a real God is revealed more effectively through our lives than our lips, a relevant church places more value on people than programs, and relatable people reach before they preach.

It was with this vision in mind that months of planning came together to create a unified mission for the core group of Vivid Adventist Church. After much conversation, Keizer was chosen as the site of a new tri-city initiative to reach millennials and young adults in the Salem, Keizer, and Woodburn areas through a multi-ethnic church plant. Keizer is an ideal location for this type of plant because there are currently no other English-speaking Adventist congregations there, it is saturated with universities and colleges, and is centrally-located. Together with lead pastor, Samuel Moreno, a core leadership team of church members from all three cities have been meeting since August of 2015, planning, praying, and preparing for a launch date this spring.

Key partnerships have been made with local Adventist churches that may have members interested in becoming part of the core group of this church plant. One of those partnerships is Woodburn Spanish Adventist Church with pastor David Merino, who had already been planning the launch of a new church plant in the months to come. It was after sharing a similar vision for church planting that a partnership was formed with the goal of reaching millennials, a demographic the denomination is struggling to connect with in North America. During the months of planning, the core group realized more intensely how important these principals are in reaching millennials and young adults.

Vivid’s foundation, “Real God, Relevant Church, and Relatable People” was unpacked more thoroughly during its first open house on February 6 at the Woodburn Spanish church. A real God is revealed more effectively through our lives than with our lips. A church that doesn’t practice what it preaches is, in turn, presenting an image of a plastic God who is not capable of real and meaningful change in people’s lives. God is made real in the way that we live our lives. A relevant church is accomplished by prioritizing people over programs. In the story of the paralytic, church members passed him by for 38 years on their way to the temple. If we are unaware of our community’s needs, we become an irrelevant church that holds no influence with those it is trying to reach. Finally, relatable people include those who reach before they preach. Jesus first healed the paralytic man, then disappeared, and only later found him to share the message of salvation. Christ’s method of meeting the needs of His community before preaching the Gospel should not be forgotten.

That first open house welcomed 115 guests and offered the opportunity for anyone looking for a church family to attend and sample what Vivid is all about. Feedback after the event was positive, and meaningful connections were made that will, Godwilling, translate to new members of Vivid. Additional open houses are scheduled in the cities of Salem and Keizer prior to the official launch on Easter.

Follow Vivid on Facebook at www.fb.com/vividadventist, on Instagram (@vividadventist), or Twitter (@vividadventist) for more information, news, and updates. You can also reach pastor Samuel Moreno at pastorsam.m@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to find out how to get involved.