When Pastors Get Together
By Dick Duerksen

Have you even wondered what happens when pastors get together? Do they sit around and talk about their members? Do they play hours and hours of Ping-Pong? Do they plan new evangelistic meetings? Or, just water-ski?

Having been to a few of these meetings during my ministry years, I can give you the inside scoop.

They pray.

Sure, they water-ski, debate church policies, worry about getting their expense reports in on time, and brag about their members. However, most pastors’ meetings begin and end with many prayers. And, it’s not at all unusual for someone to interrupt a conversation (debate) with, “Let’s stop for a few minutes and pray about that together.”

A couple weeks ago, at a pastors’ meeting in southern Oregon, someone mentioned that a fellow pastor, Roger Beltran, was having significant difficulty with his eyes. Roger was in the group, and explained the problem, its challenge, and how he, his family, and his church members were praying for the best possible outcome.

That’s when someone produced a small vial of oil and called for all of us to gather around Roger, anoint him as the scripture suggests, and pray for the power of God’s healing hand to touch Roger’s eyes.

We gathered. Quickly. Our own eyes brimming with tears as we reached out to be part of God’s incredible ministry of healing love.

After several had prayed, another mentioned a special need, and then another, and on the program went, agenda discarded in favor of the Holy Spirit’s moving.

What happens when pastors get together? It’s a lot like what happens at your church. God slips in as we pray – and His love heals.

Watch a 30-second video of Roger’s anointing...