Who Are You?
By Dick Duerksen

He had accepted a new job at the Oregon Conference in Gladstone, Oregon, and his 1985 Corvette was going to have to stay in Ontario, Canada.

“I love classic cars,” Dave says, “and this one was really hard to let go. But, I advertised it and waited. Sadly.”

One of the first callers was a fellow from India who owned a construction company and had always wanted a 1985 Corvette. Especially a white one!

“When he came to look at the car he brought his family along and was towing an empty trailer behind his pick-up! Always a good sign that a sale is in the works,” says Dave. “I showed them the car, took them for a test ride, and described the car’s best points, and explained its problems. All old cars have problems, you know.”

The family loved the car and when they had settled on a price the happy new owner looked directly at Dave and asked, “Who are you?”

A simple question, totally out of the blue.

“Who am I? I’m Dave Schwinghammer, and I love classic cars.”

“No,” the new owner said. “Who are you?”

Dave had no answer, so the man continued.

“Usually when I look at a car, the owner is offended when I ask about the odometer, the paint, the rust, the tires, or anything else. But not you. You answered my questions kindly, offering even more than I was asking. You treated me as special. Who are you?”

“I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ,” said Dave.

“Ahhh,” said his new friend. “I am a Muslim from India and have never really met a Christian. You are different from what I expected.”

Dave helped them load their new Corvette onto the trailer. When all was ready, the man came over to Dave and began complaining about his shoulder.

“It always hurts,” he said, rubbing his shoulder as if wishing for a massage. “And it’s been hurting more, making it hard for me to get my construction work done.”

“Would you like for me to pray for your shoulder?” Dave asked.

“That would be nice.”

The man called his family to “come” for a prayer circle, and Dave prayed with one hand on the man’s shoulder.

“I prayed for the family, the Corvette, and the shoulder,” says Dave. “And, at the end, I prayed in the name of Jesus.”

“Do you know why I prayed in the name of Jesus?” Dave asked.

“No. Why is that?”

“Because Jesus is the Son of God, and because He came to earth as a baby and lived and died as Savior for me and for you.

“Sometimes when I am working construction,” the Corvette’s owner said thoughtfully, “one of my Muslim workers will notice the steeple of a Christian church and ask me what’s inside the building. I’ve always answered that I do not know. Now, thanks to you, I can tell them about Jesus, and about you, Jesus’ friend, the man who prayed for me.”