Women Meet to Make a Difference
By Terrie Leen Griebel

Terrie Leen Griebel, Oregon Conference(OC) Women’s Ministries coordinator, along with Jane Nicola, OC Relational Ministries administrator assistant, and women’s ministries committee members, planned the annual Oregon Women’s Christian Retreat held at the beautiful Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Oregon, this last autumn.

Guest speaker, Pastor Jennifer Ogden of the Walla Walla University Church presented a message of Jesus, and how we are living in the last days. Sabbath evening, Pastor Ogden made an alter call for those coming to God for the first time, who would like to be baptized, and for those who had strayed away and wanted to come back. As a result, five beautiful women were baptized. Laura Robins had never been baptized in any denomination and felt that she was led to this retreat for baptism. She had been attending an Adventist church and contemplating baptism the previous few months.

At the 2016 retreat, the offering raised went to Impact Hope in order to send 98 refugee girls in Rwanda to an Adventist boarding school. Over $50,000 was raised, and all 98 girls were able to attend an school.

At 2017’s retreat, the women gave more than $10,000 to buy sewing machines for the summer vocational training program of Impact Hope and Rwanda ADRA. This was the first year of the vocational training and Terrie Leen Griebel had the privilege to be in Rwanda with Impact Hope for the first day of training. The students were so excited and grateful for the sewing machines, and to learn the trade of sewing. Learning how to sew enables the students to make enough money to be able to live outside the refugee camps.

To learn more about Impact Hope and to help the children of the refugee camps, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ImpactH/ or https://www.impact-hope.org/.

This year’s retreat will be held October 12-14 in Redmond, Ore. with Jean Boonstra as guest speaker. For more information on the women’s ministries retreats and to view the retreat live streaming archives, visit https://orgcwomen.netadvent.org/.