All Conference Connect Meetings Have Been Postponed
Due to the inclement weather and subsequent frequent conference office closures, we have not had time for the preparation needed for the area pastors’ meetings and Conference Connect (Town Hall) meetings. The previously noted schedule for these meetings has been postponed to a later date to coincide with the Spring (April) schedule. More specific information will be forthcoming soon. Thank you for your understanding. 

Christmas message from OC President Dan Linrud on Vimeo.



The Oregon Conference Nominating Committee, under the spiritual leadership of North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) President John Freedman, after spending time in prayer and thoughtful consideration, voted to invite Dan Linrud to serve as President of the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Linrud accepts.  Read more...

Find out more about how to show this film, on how Adventism began, at your church or gathering. You can watch it as a 2.5-hour movie or in episodes.  Find Out More>>

A Friend of Desmond Doss

View the short video interview on how Terry Johnsson Chaplain at Adventist Medical Center got to meet and become good friends with Desmond Doss.

Hacksaw Ridge opens November 4 in theaters nationwide! Are you ready to dialog with your neighbor with questions they may have about Jesus and your faith? Find books and DVDs at the Adventist Book Center about Desmond Doss and materials to witness while this movie runs its course. 

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