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What is so special about Called2Pray? What is special is not what we do, but what God will do in Camp Meeting 2015 simply because we ask! God invites, “If my people … will humble themselves and pray and seek my face … then will I hear from heaven…” (2 Chronicles 7:14). As we approach July 16 – 25, we only have a faint idea of all God has in store, all He wants to do for us and for all who come. What is special will be the thousands of us – God’s people in the Oregon Conference – committed to inviting God to do something very special for each open heart in Camp Meeting 2015. Learn more about Called2Pray here.

Oregon Conference Statement on Result of Women’s Ordination Vote

The decision to not allow each division of the General Conference to determine their support of women's ordination to gospel ministry does not detract from being "Called by God to Go..." More important than the events taking place at the General Conference concerning the ordination of women is the fact that God has called us to the mission of sharing Him in our world. We need to use every resource that God gives us to meet this task which includes everyone that He calls to ministry. Our task requires that every "member in ministry" is fully engaged. Those who are called by Christ and respond to that call need to be acknowledged by the body of Christ and entrusted to serve.

Ephesians 4:11-16 states that "It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, that the body of Christ may be built up....From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."

To complete the task given us by God it will take every "supporting ligament." All working together is our mandate. "Called by God to Go..."

We call the Church in the Oregon Conference to pray with Christ in John 17 unity...

     1) ...that God clarifies His call to each member in ministry in the Oregon Conference,

     2) ...that each member knows the motivation of His Spirit and freedom to joyfully serve
            in and from a supportive congregation,

     3) ...and that our camp meeting, this month, be blessed by God to call each of us to know and share
            His love as never before.

                                                                           – Al Reimche, Oregon Conference President

Declaración de la Conferencia de Oregon sobre el
Resultado del Voto acerca de la Ordenación de la Mujer

La decisión de no permitir a cada División de la Conferencia General determinar su apoyo a la ordenación de la mujer al ministerio evangélico, no resta valor al hecho de ser “Llamados por Dios para Ir…” Más importante que los eventos que están ocurriendo en la Sesión de la Conferencia General concernientes a la ordenación de la mujer, es el hecho de que Dios nos ha llamado a cumplir la misión de compartirle en nuestro mundo. Necesitamos usar cada recurso que Dios nos da para cumplir ésta tarea, la cual incluye a cada uno de los que Él ha llamado al ministerio. Nuestra tarea requiere que cada “Miembro en Ministerio” esté completamente comprometido. Es necesario que quienes son llamados por Cristo y responden a éste llamado sean reconocidos por el cuerpo de Cristo e investidos para servir.

Efesios 4:11-16 dice que “Él mismo constituyó a unos, apóstoles; a otros, profetas; a otros, evangelistas; y a otros, pastores y maestros… para edificar el cuerpo de Cristo… Por su acción todo el cuerpo crece y se edifica en amor, sostenido y ajustado por todos los ligamentos, según la actividad propia de cada miembro”.

Para completar la tarea que Dios nos ha dado requeriremos de “todos los ligamentos”. Nuestro mandato es trabajar todos juntos. “Llamados por Dios para Ir…”

Hacemos un llamado a la Iglesia en la Conferencia de Oregon para orar con Cristo en Juan 17 por unidad...

     1) ...Que Dios haga claro Su llamado a cada miembro en ministerio en la Conferencia de Oregon,

     2) ...Que cada miembro conozca la motivación de Su Espíritu y la libertad de servir con gozo en y
            desde una congregación,

     3) ...Que nuestro Campestre, éste mes, sea bendecido por Dios llamándonos para conocer y compartir
            su amor como nunca antes.

                                                                           – Al Reimche, Presidente de la Conferencia de Oregon

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