Administrators voted in along with their wives. From left to right: Brian Gosney, Gale Crosby, Dave Allen, Dan Linrud.

The 58th Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Constituency Session took place September 17, 2017 at Portland Adventist Academy Gymnasium from 9:00am to 4:00pm. 

This is a business meeting where delegates from each church within the Oregon Conference are invited to participate in the governance of the Oregon Conference. The delegates are informed of the things that have happened since the last Constituency Session held in 2013. The administration is voted in by the delegates at this meeting along with such things as changes to the Articles and By-laws.

The administration voted in for the next quinquennium of the Oregon Conference is Dan Linrud as president, Dave Allen as vice president for administration, Brian Gosney as vice president for finance, and Gale Crosby as vice president for education. 

The delegates also voted to hold the constituency session every five years now instead of every four. So the next Oregon Conference Constituency Session will be in 2022.

It was very evident that the Holy Spirit was with the meeting. Business was taken care of in a Christ like manner. God has some great things planned for the Oregon Conference. From all the conference staff we are privileged to serve our Oregon Conference constituents.


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